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The Surface Duo bends but doesn't break in JerryRigEverything's durability test

We got our hands on Microsoft's Surface Duo last month, but we weren't allowed to give it the ol' bend test. Now that the device has been released into the wild, YouTuber Zack JerryRigEverything Nelson tried it out in one of his infamous durability videos — and the results are a little surprising.

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The Surface Duo is best used as a secondary phone

The Surface Duo is one of the few recent examples of a new form factor in smartphones. Although it shares similarities (and some use cases) with foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold2, the choice to use two individual displays comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. That begs the question: is the Duo best used as a primary phone, or a secondary device to compliment an existing phone?

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Here's how Microsoft changed Android for the Surface Duo

The Surface Duo is the first modern Android device with integrated dual screens, and Microsoft had to make some changes to Android to properly support the functionality. We already talked abut the Duo extensively in our review, but it's worth talking more about how the phone's version of Android differs from what we're all used to. While it may not look too different on the surface (pun intended), there are some notable changes lurking underneath.

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Microsoft releases Surface Duo kernel source code — developers, start your engines

After much anticipation, Microsoft launched its very first Android device last month. In Corbin's review, he called it a phone for enthusiasts, and that's something Microsoft seems to be embracing. Microsoft has released the Surface Duo's kernel source, which will assist third-party developers in building custom ROMs and kernels for the unique device.

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You can now buy the Microsoft Surface Duo in stores

A year after the phone was first revealed, the Surface Duo is finally available in stores. Microsoft's dual-screen invention is now available at a handful of stores, and pre-orders for the Duo are starting to arrive at buyers' doors.

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Microsoft Surface Duo review: Enthusiastically an enthusiast's phone

Over the past few years, smartphones have stopped evolving at a rapid pace and settled into iterative, yawn-inducing update cycles. Just like how a desktop PC from eight years ago can still handle basic productivity tasks in 2020, a flagship smartphone from two or three years ago isn't radically different from what you can buy today, and there’s only so much room for innovation in the flat glass slab form factor. This has sent some manufacturers to go back to the drawing board in search of something more radical and exciting. Samsung has released several foldable phones, LG is developing a dual-screen device, and now Microsoft has the Surface Duo.

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The Surface Duo's hinge is smooth, silent, and oddly satisfying

It's been almost a year since Microsoft first teased the Surface Duo, and our review unit just showed up last week. While we can't talk about the software experience quite yet, we can answer one question we have received from several readers: how does the hinge feel?

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Unboxing the Surface Duo: What's Microsoft's $1400 dual-screen phone like in person?

It's been almost a year since Microsoft first teased the Surface Duo, and we've been waiting to get our hands on one ever since. Our review unit arrived a few days ago, and given the excitement around it, we thought we would show you what it looks like in person ahead of our full review. While the unboxing isn't exactly anything groundbreaking, just holding the Duo in your hands makes you realize Microsoft's built something special here, something legitimately new and different. In other words: the Surface Duo is really cool.

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I can't believe how thin Microsoft made the Surface Duo

Microsoft finally put the Surface Duo up for pre-order earlier this month, following a year of teases, leaks, and rumors. I received my Duo review unit earlier this week, and while I'm still getting a feel for what it's like to use, one aspect of the device has stuck out to me more than anything else: how thin it is.

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Will the Surface Duo fit in your pocket?

Microsoft's wild new folding phone, the Surface Duo, is close to release. We already talked a bit about the device in our unboxing, but one question was brought up a few times — will the Surface Duo fit in the average pants pockets? The answer is probably, but it depends.

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