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The Surface Duo bends but doesn't break in JerryRigEverything's durability test

We got our hands on Microsoft's Surface Duo last month, but we weren't allowed to give it the ol' bend test. Now that the device has been released into the wild, YouTuber Zack JerryRigEverything Nelson tried it out in one of his infamous durability videos — and the results are a little surprising.

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Microsoft won't let you stream Xbox games to Android TV or Chromebooks

Xbox Game Streaming officially launched yesterday, allowing you to stream nearly 200 Xbox games to your Android phone or tablet. The service has yet to launch on any other platforms, and Microsoft is sticking hard to the mobile requirement — despite their ability to run Android apps, both Chromebooks and Android TV are unsupported.

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These are the Xbox games you can start streaming to your Android phone tomorrow

Last month we learned that xCloud, Microsoft's cloud gaming service, would be coming to Android on September 15. On the verge of public availability, we've now learned the full list of games that will be playable on Android devices starting tomorrow. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will gain access to over 150 games, with some exciting (and surprising) titles.

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Oracle beats out Microsoft to buy TikTok's US operations

Oracle has been selected to purchase TikTok's US operations over Microsoft — though, according to The Wall Street Journal, the deal won't be structured as a sale. Minutes before the news broke, Microsoft revealed that it wouldn't be involved in any deal even though it reportedly had Trump's blessing ahead of the app's anticipated ban.

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The Surface Duo is best used as a secondary phone

The Surface Duo is one of the few recent examples of a new form factor in smartphones. Although it shares similarities (and some use cases) with foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold2, the choice to use two individual displays comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. That begs the question: is the Duo best used as a primary phone, or a secondary device to compliment an existing phone?

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Apple establishes ridiculous requirements for Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming on iOS

Apple's draconian App Store policies have been criticized time and time again, and most recently, they led to a lawsuit by Epic Games. The company also recently blocked game streaming services like Google Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming from entering the App Store. Apple has now updated its policies to allow game streaming services, but only if they go through many hoops.

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Here's how Microsoft changed Android for the Surface Duo

The Surface Duo is the first modern Android device with integrated dual screens, and Microsoft had to make some changes to Android to properly support the functionality. We already talked abut the Duo extensively in our review, but it's worth talking more about how the phone's version of Android differs from what we're all used to. While it may not look too different on the surface (pun intended), there are some notable changes lurking underneath.

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Microsoft releases Surface Duo kernel source code — developers, start your engines

After much anticipation, Microsoft launched its very first Android device last month. In Corbin's review, he called it a phone for enthusiasts, and that's something Microsoft seems to be embracing. Microsoft has released the Surface Duo's kernel source, which will assist third-party developers in building custom ROMs and kernels for the unique device.

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You can now buy the Microsoft Surface Duo in stores

A year after the phone was first revealed, the Surface Duo is finally available in stores. Microsoft's dual-screen invention is now available at a handful of stores, and pre-orders for the Duo are starting to arrive at buyers' doors.

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Microsoft Surface Duo review: Enthusiastically an enthusiast's phone

Over the past few years, smartphones have stopped evolving at a rapid pace and settled into iterative, yawn-inducing update cycles. Just like how a desktop PC from eight years ago can still handle basic productivity tasks in 2020, a flagship smartphone from two or three years ago isn't radically different from what you can buy today, and there’s only so much room for innovation in the flat glass slab form factor. This has sent some manufacturers to go back to the drawing board in search of something more radical and exciting. Samsung has released several foldable phones, LG is developing a dual-screen device, and now Microsoft has the Surface Duo.

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