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[Deal Alert] You Can Get An LG Watch Urbane For $204 ($146 Off Retail) From Newegg If You Use VISA Checkout And Mail In A Rebate

Just a couple of weeks ago, we shared what we thought was a crazy good deal on LG's Watch Urbane for just $240 on Newegg. Now you can do even better if you're willing to jump through a couple of hoops, bringing the price down to $204 for the rose gold version of the watch. As long as you remember to mail in a rebate, you get $20 off. You also get 10% off if you use VISA Checkout, which requires nothing more than a VISA credit card.

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[Deal Alert] Grab An LG Watch Urbane From Newegg For Just $240 ($110 Off) With A Combination Of Discounts

If a smartwatch is in the deepest desires of your heart, but you just can't stand the idea of coughing up $350(ish) to get one of the higher end models, Newegg may finally be the company to get that death grip off your wallet with a new deal on the LG Watch Urbane (which is arguably the best Android Wear watch out there right now).

This works by utilizing a small collection of discounts, coupons, and mail-in rebates to get the price down from $350 to just $240. Here's the breakdown:

  • $30 instant rebate (read: you don't have to do anything)
  • $60 coupon code: EMCAWKW92
  • $20 mail-in rebate

Yeah, that last bit is easily the crummiest part of this whole deal, because having to mail junk in and wait for however many weeks to get your prepaid Visa rebate card back basically sucks.

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[Android Wear Manual Flashing Tutorials] How To Flash OTAs To An LG Watch Urbane

Veteran Android users, particularly those who stick to Nexus devices, are well aware of the fact that you can usually flash OTA updates manually once someone pulls a link to the actual update file. This normally provides a much better option than waiting for your device to get the update sent to it, which could take weeks. Android Wear has this functionality as well, but each watch is a little different in terms of proper procedures for doing so. We're going to run a series of posts on how to manually flash updates to each Android Wear device that supports it (sorry, Moto 360 users) in the hopes of providing some clarity on the issue.

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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Urbane On Sale For $299.99 From Expansys Today Only

The LG Watch Urbane is currently the best Android Wear device on the market, but it's also the most expensive at $350 direct from Google. You can save a few bucks by purchasing it from Expansys USA, where it's on sale for $50 off. This deal ends tonight, so hurry up.

2015-05-27 14_29_06-Deal of the Day - Expansys USA

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Google Re-Announces Android Wear 5.1.1 Rollout, Maybe Actually Means It This Time

If you're still waiting for that Android Wear 5.1.1 update, don't worry! It's coming. Eventually. Probably. We hope. It might even be coming very soon now (really!), because Google's posted an update on its product forums officially announcing the update there. That post also contains the same list of Wear devices getting Wi-Fi support in the update that we'd seen previously, and it's unchanged. The Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, and Samsung Gear Live will all get Wi-Fi. The Watch Urbane ships with the feature out of the box. Sony confirmed this a while back, as did Motorola. Samsung never issued a comment that I can locate.

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LG Watch Urbane Charging Cradle Now Available In The Google Store For $19.99

One of the problems with all these Android Wear watches is that there's not a standard charging mechanism. That means you (usually) have to use the cradle that comes with them. If that breaks, you better hope you've got a spare on hand. Now you can get another one for the LG Watch Urbane.


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The LG Watch Urbane Can't Connect To Wi-Fi Networks Channels Above 11, Update Coming Soon

Some early users of LG's Watch Urbane outside of the US were a bit perplexed when they tried to use the Android Wear device's Wi-Fi syncing feature. Apparently the current software build only enables Wi-Fi channels one through eleven - not coincidentally, the only ones legally accessible to consumer electronics in the United States. A long support thread on Google's Android Wear forum is full of new owners wondering why they can't connect to their local wireless networks.


Wi-Fi channels (not to be confused with wireless bands) are standardized frequency variations, usually at a distance of 5MHz or so from the nearest channel, that facilitate easier connections with multiple devices and/or in places where the 2.4GHz band is overly crowded.

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LG Watch Urbane Review: $350 Buys You The Nicest Android Wear Watch Yet, If That's Something You Want

LG's newest smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane, costs $350. So let me just throw it out there now: judging LG's new Watch Urbane from a value perspective is sort of completely silly. When it comes to value, I don't think any Android Wear watch has especially great appeal - after all, you're paying as much or more for one than you would a relatively inexpensive smartphone, a smartphone that does many, many more things. But the Watch Urbane has even less value appeal than most Wear devices (not that this is at all fatal to its success as a product).

If you really care about value, the Sony SmartWatch 3 with its Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC are right here for $100 less than the Watch Urbane (if not less than that if you get it on sale).

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LG Releases LG Call For Android Wear, Triggers Nerd-Rage Because It's Only For The Watch Urbane

LG just released an interesting new Wear app that allows you to initiate calls on your phone from the watch UI. Does that sound like something you want? Well, you probably can't have it because LG Call is only for the new Watch Urbane. If only LG had made that more clear, the reviews would be less vitriolic.


LG Watch Urbane Is Now Available In The Google Store For $349, Shipping To The US, UK, Australia, And More

LG's round watch do-over just went live in the Google Store, and it can be yours for the Apple-esque price of $350. The LG Watch Urbane looks like a smoother, more attractive G Watch R, but that'll cost you an extra $50 apparently (launch prices). It's available in a number of countries, but it won't leave the warehouse for a few days yet.

2015-04-27 17_25_11-LG Watch Urbane - Gold or Silver - Google Store

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