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[Deal Alert] Get An LG Watch Urbane For Only $199.99 From Rakuten After Price Drop And Instant $25 Coupon

The LG Watch Urbane is easily one of the most premium Android Wear devices around, as the accessory started out at $349.99 for the cheapest model back when it first launched. Fortunately, you don't have to pay nearly that much right now.

Over on Rakuten, you can get the silver version with a black band for only $199.99.

This number comes following a price drop to $224.99. To get it down to the aforementioned rate, there's also a $25 instant coupon that shows up when you go to checkout. This is the lowest price we've seen the LG Watch Urbane hit yet.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store Black Friday Sale Live - $200 Off Nexus 9, $80 Off Nexus 5X, Two Chromecasts For $50, And Much More

Google is getting into the annual celebration of the American consumer, known as Black Friday, with a plethora of deep discounts. I'd love to apply my normal flair and lame jokes to this article, but this is Black Friday and I ain't got no time for that!

So here's the breakdown.

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LG Cancels The Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Indefinitely Because Of Unspecified, Complex "Hardware Issue"

LG reached out to us moments ago with news that the company's upcoming smartwatch, the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, has been canceled due to an unspecified hardware issue. There is no word at this time if the device will be released at a later date, but for now, LG is calling this a full-on cancellation of the launch.

We understand that you are currently reviewing our latest smartwatch; however, late in the quality assurance process for the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, our engineers were made aware of a hardware issue which affects the day-to-day functionality of the device.

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LG's Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Appears On The Google Store, But You Can't Buy It There


[Update: It's Back] LG Watch Urbane In Silver Or Gold On Sale For $214.99 Via eBay

There are new Android Wear devices coming out finally, but truth be told, they aren't much different than most of the older ones. So, the Watch Urbane deal on eBay is a solid one if you want a round smart watch. This device launched at $350 (still nearly $300 most places), but you can have it for a mere $214.99 right now.

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AT&T Announces Samsung Gear S2 And 2nd Gen LG Watch Urbane (Available This Month) Will Be The First NumberSync Devices

AT&T announced NumberSync a few weeks ago as a way to share a single mobile number with multiple AT&T devices. Now we get to see what sort of extra gadgets AT&T is looking to push with NumberSync. The Samsung Gear S2 and 2nd gen LG Watch Urbane LTE smart watches are going to be the launch devices for NumberSync, but the LG watch won't have it right away.

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Hands-On With The (Turned Off) LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Though LG said it wasn't the "star" of today's event, the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE (a mouthful) did make a cameo at the presentation. We got a few minutes to play with the device hands-on, but eyes-off - the watches on display were actually powered off, so we couldn't even use them in demo mode. Still, it's worth taking a look at least at the form factor of the watch.

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LG Shows Off The Watch Urbane Second Edition, The First Cellular Android Wear Device, Via Teaser Video

It was rumored that LG would be launching a cellular-connected Android Wear watch soon, and well, here it is. The Watch Urbane Second (or 2nd) Edition is the first Android Wear device we've seen that uses a cellular connection instead of a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or a local Wi-Fi network, much like Samsung's Gear S series or LG's own Watch Urbane LTE (neither of which ran Wear). Aside from the addition of a mobile connection, it's a round screen watch presumably using at least some of the same hardware as the older Urbane.

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Android Wear For iOS Is Official, Launching Today With The LG Watch Urbane For Most iPhones With iOS 8.2+

Google has officially announced Android Wear for iOS, and above you can see a picture showing as much - an iPhone 6 running what looks to be an Android Wear app connected to an LG Watch Urbane. Wear for iOS is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus devices running iOS 8.2 or higher.

Here's a look at it on the upcoming Huawei Watch, showing a Hangouts conversation, as well.

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The LG Watch Urbane Luxe Is A Ridiculous $1200 Version Of The Regular Urbane

Do you have more money than sense, and also use Android phones? Then the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition isn't an option for you. You'll have to make do with the somewhat less insane (but still pretty ridiculous) LG Watch Urbane Luxe. It's a $1200 version of the Urbane with a nicer strap and 23k gold plated body.

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