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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Style is only $99.99 ($150 off) at B&H

LG and Google's Watch Style isn't the most feature-filled smartwatch on the market by a long shot, but if you're just looking for a simple device to read notifications from and check things like the weather, it's a good choice. And since it's just $99.99 from B&H now, the issue with its $249.99 MSRP has been resolved.

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[Update: Googler confirms Google Store now only stocks in-house hardware] Android Wear section vanishes from Google Store, with LG Watch Sport and Style now showing as "no longer available"

Android Wear isn't an especially popular platform these days, but plenty of people still use it - enough for Google to have released two new smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, earlier this year. But just eight months after their release, the Android Wear page has disappeared from the Google Store's home page. And more interestingly, both the Watch Sport and Watch Style are now marked as "no longer available."

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[Deal Alert] Pick up an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 ($150 off) or a Watch Style for $107.99 ($142 off) after 20% off coupon

Smartwatches continue to dwindle, it seems. Android Wear, as a platform, still has a long way to go. If you can look past its shortcomings, then perhaps eBay's Labor Day deal is for you. Right now, you can pick up either an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 (saving you a very nice $150) or an LG Watch Style for $107.99 (a total of $142 off of the MSRP), if you use a coupon.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store back to school sale kicks off with Pixel, Home, OnHub, and other discounts

Summer is about halfway done, and since time immemorial that's meant at least one thing: back to school sales have begun. The Google Store is no different from other retailers in that regard, and starting today you can pick up a Pixel with a free Daydream View starting at $524 (up to $200 off, a crazy value), a Google Home for $109 ($20 off), either OnHub router for $99 ($30 off), the LG Watch Style for $199 ($50 off), and a free Chromecast Audio with a Google Wifi 3-pack. It's at least possible that little Johnny's grades will be improved by your new phone, right?

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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Style on sale for $139.99 ($110 off) via eBay

Google and LG teamed up on a pair of smartwatches to show off Android Wear 2.0, one of which had all the things and the other had very few things. That other watch is the LG Watch Style, which still sells for $249 on the Google Store. That's way too much, but it's on sale for a much more reasonable $139.99 on eBay right now.

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[Deal Alert] B&H has the unlocked LG G6 for $549.99 ($50 off), or $599.99 with a Watch Style included ($130 off)

The US unlocked (US997) model of the LG G6 was made available for purchase less than a month ago (B&H is still calling it a 'New Release!' on its site), but it's already seeing some price cuts. The G6's price has been chopped by $50 to $549.99, and you can get an LG Watch Style included for just $50 extra.

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[Update: B&H too] Deal Alert: All colors of the LG Watch Style are $179 ($70-100 off) at Best Buy

Well that was quick. Just a month after the LG Watch Style went on sale, it's already being heavily marked down. Now you can get all colors of the LG Watch Style for just $179.99 - between $70 and $100 off the original price (depending on the model).

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LG Watch Style review: The Pixel of Android Wear watches

The Watch Style is the lower-end of the two smartwatches LG has just released in conjunction with Google. It's not particularly handsome, it's not particularly feature-packed, and at $249, it's not particularly well-priced; however, it's still my favorite Android Wear smartwatch that I've used to date, and one that I think will strike well with the average consumer.

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The new LG watches show the time when they're booting up

By now, you must know a lot about the new LG Style and Sport watches and all that they can and can't do. What you don't know is a little added functionality that's just handy to have, even if it won't have that much impact on your daily use.

When booting up, the new LG watches show the time on top of the spinning and expanding colorful circles animation for Android Wear. The animation only lasts a few seconds and you probably don't reboot your watch often enough to care, or you're not impatient to need to know the exact time this very second without being able to wait until the watch has fully booted, but it's a nice touch.

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Android Wear 2.0 should greatly increase the speed of voice commands and transcription

One of the major features announced as part of Android Wear 2.0 at Google I/O last year was standalone apps. Similar to Apple's "native" apps introduced in WatchOS 2, Android Wear 2.0 can allow an application to run independently on the smartwatch itself - no tethered phone required. Not only that, but Google itself is utilizing the feature right out of the gate to the great benefit of one of the core experiences on Wear, Google Assistant, in the form of voice commands and transcription performance.

On 1.x versions of Android Wear, your smartwatch captured the audio of your voice query and then sent it back to the smartphone, which then sent it up to the cloud for processing and pulled back down the final result, which then was returned to the smartwatch.

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