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Android Wear 2.0 should greatly increase the speed of voice commands and transcription

One of the major features announced as part of Android Wear 2.0 at Google I/O last year was standalone apps. Similar to Apple's "native" apps introduced in WatchOS 2, Android Wear 2.0 can allow an application to run independently on the smartwatch itself - no tethered phone required. Not only that, but Google itself is utilizing the feature right out of the gate to the great benefit of one of the core experiences on Wear, Google Assistant, in the form of voice commands and transcription performance.

On 1.x versions of Android Wear, your smartwatch captured the audio of your voice query and then sent it back to the smartphone, which then sent it up to the cloud for processing and pulled back down the final result, which then was returned to the smartwatch.

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LG and Google's new smartwatches use crazy in-display ambient light sensors

Looking at LG's newest smartwatches, developed in collaboration with Google, you'll notice that both have round displays with no flat tires. This has typically meant the omission of one key feature in a smartwatch: an ambient light sensor. But LG has apparently cracked the code on this limitation, as both the Style and Sport have such sensors which allow them to adjust display brightness automatically.

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Android Pay for Android Wear is here, and this is how it works

Android Pay for Android Wear (which is a mouthful) is easily the most-requested feature in Google's wearable OS, and probably has been since Wear was first announced. It's taken a while - a long while, if you ask me - but it's finally here with the announcement of the LG Watch Sport. The Watch Sport is, for now, the only Android Wear smartwatch that supports Android Pay. No legacy devices are receiving the feature as far as we know.

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Here is the complete list of every watch getting Android Wear 2.0

Google has given us an official, updated list of every Android Wear smartwatch being upgraded to version 2.0 of the platform as part of its announcement of the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport today. The list of devices receiving the update follows.

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Google and LG announce the Watch Style and Sport, coming February 10th for $249 and $349, respectively

While not exactly the best-kept secret, Google and LG's collaborative smartwatch effort was fully announced today with the detailing of the Watch Style and Watch Sport. Pretty much every rumor you've heard from us and others to date was on point here, so a lot of this is going to be rehash, but we'll go through the motions.

First, the details you'll want if you're a prospective buyer: Both watches go on sale on February 10th in the United States. Both will be on the Google Store, where you'll be able to get the Watch Style for $249 ($279 for rose gold), and the Watch Sport - including a Google Store exclusive blue version - for $349.

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