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[Update: Googler confirms Google Store now only stocks in-house hardware] Android Wear section vanishes from Google Store, with LG Watch Sport and Style now showing as "no longer available"

Android Wear isn't an especially popular platform these days, but plenty of people still use it - enough for Google to have released two new smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, earlier this year. But just eight months after their release, the Android Wear page has disappeared from the Google Store's home page. And more interestingly, both the Watch Sport and Watch Style are now marked as "no longer available."

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[Deal Alert] Pick up an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 ($150 off) or a Watch Style for $107.99 ($142 off) after 20% off coupon

Smartwatches continue to dwindle, it seems. Android Wear, as a platform, still has a long way to go. If you can look past its shortcomings, then perhaps eBay's Labor Day deal is for you. Right now, you can pick up either an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 (saving you a very nice $150) or an LG Watch Style for $107.99 (a total of $142 off of the MSRP), if you use a coupon.

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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Sport is just $239.99 ($110 off) at Daily Steals with coupon code

At launch, the LG Watch Sport cost a whopping $349, putting it on the higher end of the Android Wear market. In fairness, it did pack a lot of features, but $350 is still a hard pill to swallow for a smartwatch. But now, you can get a brand new Watch Sport for just $239.99 - a substantial $110 off the original MSRP - at Daily Steals.

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Google Fit v1.70 brings workout history, audio alerts, automatic heart rate tracking, and more to Android Wear [APK Download]

An update to Google Fit began rolling out to both phones and Android Wear this week. In terms of changes, watches took the lead on this release with a short list of fairly significant additions, including audio alerts during runs, updates to the workout mode, a new screen for workout history, and even automatic heart rate tracking for some recent models. While phones weren't left out entirely, the only notable addition is a new app shortcut for handsets running Nougat and above.

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Verizon axes LG Watch Sport, offers $100 credit for other watches to pre-orderers

When the LG Watch Sport was announced, Verizon was on the list of carriers that would sell it. However, it's been three months since then, and Verizon still hasn't made it available for sale, with nothing being shipped to pre-orderers. It turns out that the chunky device has been completely canceled for Big Red.

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LG Watch Sport review: The right smartwatch for the wrong audience

Google and LG set out to build a pair of watches to launch Android Wear 2.0. What resulted were two wildly divergent products that make no attempt to hit the middle ground. Richard reviewed the Watch Style, which features a lithe frame but includes fewer features than almost any Wear-based smartwatch that came before it. I'm looking at the Watch Sport, an unapologetically huge device with a wide array of capabilities that allow it to be a serviceable stand-in when you leave your phone behind. LG held nothing back with this watch, but it's not right for everyone.

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The new LG watches show the time when they're booting up

By now, you must know a lot about the new LG Style and Sport watches and all that they can and can't do. What you don't know is a little added functionality that's just handy to have, even if it won't have that much impact on your daily use.

When booting up, the new LG watches show the time on top of the spinning and expanding colorful circles animation for Android Wear. The animation only lasts a few seconds and you probably don't reboot your watch often enough to care, or you're not impatient to need to know the exact time this very second without being able to wait until the watch has fully booted, but it's a nice touch.

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LG Watch Sport: First impressions of the most feature-packed Android Wear device yet

Nearly two years after the original Android Wear announcement, Google is officially bringing version 2.0 to market. While there have been developer previews running on the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and Huawei Watch, two new watches from LG will be the true standard bearers for the final release. Richard did the honors of discussing the LG Watch Style, which features a low-profile design. In this post, I'll be taking a look at its incredibly feature-packed big brother, the LG Watch Sport.

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Android Pay for Wear smartwatches doesn't work if your phone has an unlocked bootloader

After confirming with Google, we've learned that Android Pay for Android Wear will not function if your paired smartphone has an unlocked bootloader. This is not surprising, but it is disappointing nonetheless. This is despite the fact that we know the actual Wear app runs totally independently on the smartwatch, with the phone at most acting as a data pipe over Bluetooth. But the phone is integral in the actual setup process for Pay, and we suspect this may be where the limitation comes into play.

If you have an unlocked bootloader, the Android Pay app on your phone won't even let you add a card, and setup will fail, notifying you that your device is unsecured.

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You can't replace the LG Watch Sport's bands because they're full of antennas

The LG Watch Sport is the most fully-featured Android Wear device ever released. It has LTE, GPS, NFC, a heart rate sensor, barometer, Wi-Fi, and several other acronyms. What it does not have are replaceable watch bands - the bands of the Watch Sport are fixed in place by screws, weirdly.

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