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LG Velvet arrives at T-Mobile with MediaTek 5G chipset and $588 price tag

It's always unusual when one variant of a phone gets different specs than all the others, but that's what's happened with T-Mobile's LG Velvet. For some reason, T-Mobile decided they wanted a Velvet with a MediaTek chipset — something no other Velvet variant globally has. Plus, it has a smaller battery. Granted, this model is pretty cheap at $588, but we'd expect a little more discount for the lesser specs.

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LG Velvet comes to Verizon for $100 more than everywhere else

We're deep into summer and almost due for a couple of new phones from Samsung and Apple. Perfect time, then, for LG to finally bring around its new Velvet smartphone from overseas to the U.S. market. It came to AT&T late in July and is eventually going to make it to T-Mobile, but we now know exactly when Verizon will bring it to customers.

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LG Velvet review: Different doesn't necessarily mean 'better'

LG could use a win. While it once innovated with modular hardware and pushing the whole industry past 16:9 screens, it's been hard to find any unambiguous successes over the last few generations of G- and V-series flagships. That's not to say that they weren't decently good phones, but none really stood out — maybe the V40 was one of the best, but even then we couldn't recommend paying big money for it. Is it time to take things back to the drawing board?

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LG is bringing its Velvet UI to older flagships, starting with the V50


LG Velvet coming to North America and elsewhere in the coming weeks

As we're used to for the past several years now, LG leaves very few secrets on the table about the phones it's going to launch. Indeed, the new Velvet phone  was teased quite early on as the successor to the longstanding G-series. Tomorrow, it goes on pre-sale in South Korea and we're now getting a clearer look at what we can expect out of the phone.

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LG reveals Velvet's price ahead of official launch

LG’s troubled smartphone business seems to be taking a few marketing lessons from OnePlus in the hopes of building up a little buzz once again. The company has been dropping some key features of its upcoming LG Velvet over the last week or so, weeks before the phone’s official unveiling on May 7. In its latest update, LG gives away a few more details about the handset, including its local availability date, possibly leaving only pricing for the actual announcement.

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LG will reveal its Velvet flagship on May 7

LG's smartphone business has been in trouble for some time thanks to uninspiring hardware, dated software, and a dismal record on updates. The most recent LG flagships — the G8X ThinQ and V60 ThinQ — launched with dual-screen gimmicks that tried to piggyback on the folding phone fad, but neither have enough going for them to turn the company's fortunes around. Oh, those name surely don't help either. We now know that the G series is to be replaced by something entirely new, and LG hasn't been shy about giving us more details.

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