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LG teases floating action bar, always-on improvements, and new unlock features for the V30

LG is really excited about its upcoming V30 flagship. There have been several leaks of the phone already, but LG is revealing some information as well. The company previously announced that the V30's camera would have an f/1.6 aperture, but now it has revealed some of the V30's software prowess.

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LG rumored to announce Korea-bound V30 Plus alongside regular V30

LG will be at IFA in a few weeks with a new phone—well, possibly two new phones. The company's IFA invitations make it clear the heavily leaked V30 is happening, but a new report from ETNews points to a V30 Plus as well. This phone will have a few advantages over the V30, but it's probably only coming to South Korea.

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[Update: More details] The LG V30 camera will have an f/1.6 aperture, the largest ever in a smartphone

Aperture is one of those specs that only seems to have been talked about seriously in the last few years. In fact, until relatively recently I didn't really know what it meant. I now realize how important it is, as it relates how much light a camera lens lets in, so the bigger the aperture the better your photos will generally be, especially in low light conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S8 currently has the biggest aperture of any smartphone camera, f/1.7, but LG is about to improve on that.

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LG V30 gets leaked with clean design and tiny bezels in HITRECORD video submissions

LG's produced some good-looking phones, such as the Nexus 5 and G3, but there haven't been any standouts in recent years. The G5 in particular was downright hideous, and the V20 and G6 are decidedly average. The V30, however, has a chance to change that. And thanks to some HITRECORD submissions, we can tell it looks pretty good.

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LG's upcoming V30 will sport an 18:9 6.0" 1440p plastic OLED display with curved edges and minimal bezels

LG has been using LCDs on their smartphones for quite some time now. They're not bad, but one of the main complaints I frequently see posted online about the G6 or V20 is that they're not AMOLED like Samsung's gorgeous panels. However, LG has just revealed that its upcoming V30 phablet will sport an OLED display, the company's first since the G Flex2 from 2015.

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LG sends "Save The Date" invites for IFA strongly implying the V30

LG's V series of flagships gets traditionally announced toward the end of the year and it looks like this time won't be any different. However, unlike previous years where the V10 and V20 had their own events, it seems like the V30 will be unveiled at IFA. The evidence comes in the form of the above "Save the Date" invite sent by LG.

The image portrays a smartphone with rounded corners, the letter V across its screen, a date of August 31 at 9:00 am, and Berlin, Germany as the location. That's the day before IFA officially starts when most companies make their announcements.

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Renders show what to expect from the LG V30, including minimal bezels and dual cameras

The LG V30 will be the South Korean company's second flagship phone of 2017, after the G6, when it's launched later in the year. The last two iterations have included a secondary display and an even heftier price tag than the G series. Thanks to OnLeaks and his latest collaboration we now know what it's probably going to look like. These renders are produced using supposed factory CADs and should be pretty accurate, barring any last minute design changes.

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The LG V30 could look something like this

Ever since the original V10 was released in 2015, LG's V series of phones has been the company's most expensive lineup - even pricier than the flagship G series. The V10 included a top ticker display, and the V20 further refined that feature. Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter, has released some of LG's early renders for the V30.

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