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Verizon launches the Pixel and LG V20 today

It's a big day for Nougat-powered Android on Verizon. Starting today, you can mosey into your local Verizon store and buy a Pixel or a V20. The V20 is available through a few channels, but this is the only place you can go in the real world to get a Pixel.

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LG announces the isai Beat, a smaller V20 with water resistance, for Japan

The V20's a nice phone, but its 5.7-inch screen, combined with the secondary display up top, can make it a bit unwieldy to hold for those of you with smaller hands. Well, LG's got a solution for you - the oddly-named isai Beat (LGV34), a phone with most of the V20's features, a 5.2-inch display, and water resistance. However, if you don't live in Japan, you might have a hard time getting your hands on one of these.

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T-Mobile begins LG V20 pre-order with free B&O headphones and $200 trade-in credit, touts AWS-3 rollout

T-Mobile has started taking orders for the LG V20 today, and it's offering some solid incentives to get you to buy. You can get at least $200 trade-in value for an old phone, and a free pair of B&O Play headphones worth $150. T-Mobile also points out the V20 will be the first phone to take advantage of the carrier's newly launched AWS-3 spectrum.

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Sprint's LG V20 launches on October 28th, pre-orders start on October 21st

Sprint is the latest carrier to announce launch details on the LG V20, following both AT&T and T-Mobile. The phone will be available on October 28th, but pre-orders start one week earlier. Pricing isn't clear, but Sprint promises some special trade-in deals and free stuff if you buy a V20.

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AT&T LG V20 pre-orders start tomorrow (10/7), hits store on 10/28

The LG V20 is perhaps the best phone released by LG in recent history. Instead of the modular functionality of the LG G5, the V20 was designed as an all-in-one solution for power users. It even has features rare on flagship devices, like a removable battery and a fantastic headphone amp. The V20 is also the only non-Google phone to currently ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.

AT&T has announced pre-orders for the V20 will begin tomorrow, although unfortunately neglected to provide a shipping date.

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LG V20 set to release on October 28th for T-Mobile

In all of the fun Pixel news this week, it was easy to forget about other Android phones (well, until this happened). And while no official date has been given for Google's latest at the time of this writing, the Pixels are set to ship to those who pre-ordered within two to three weeks.

That brings us to the LG V20. Back in September, the renowned leaker Evan Blass claimed it would go on sale on October 21st, making it the first phone to launch with Nougat in the U.S. Today, T-Mobile announced via a press release that the V20 will be available on October 28th.

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The LG V20 officially becomes the first phone to launch with Nougat this week... in South Korea

Oh, LG. You and your marketing gimmicks. The LG V20 was announced as the first phone that would launch with Android 7.0 Nougat, and indeed, that's about to happen. However, the launch this week is only happening in South Korea. The rest of the world has to wait. It's still first, though. LG was technically correct—the best kind of correct.

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LG V20 rumored to go on sale on October 21st in the US

So, Samsung is set to relaunch sales of the Note7 next month on October 21st. That may also be the date of another important device popping up on store shelves—the LG V20. While LG has yet to comment, noted leaker of things Evan Blass says that's the date.

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LG, the V20 is your best chance for smartphone success in years - don’t screw it up

LG and the V20 could hardly have hoped for a more fortuitous turn of events in recent weeks. Samsung’s Note7 has been globally recalled for a serious battery defect, and replacement shipments are nowhere to be seen. The V20, by contrast, offers an increasingly rare removable battery. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 7 duo have been unveiled without a headphone jack. The V20 proudly touts its high-end wired audio capabilities as being among the best in the smartphone world. It may be of little consequence that it will likely be the first, or at least technically first, phone to ship with Android 7.0 - but of much greater import is the fact that it will be available on all four major US carriers.

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LG's V20 is one of very few phones that properly support 'OK Google' commands while the screen is off

What do a BlackBerry Priv, Galaxy S7 edge, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Alcatel Idol 4S, a Huawei P9, Honor 8, and an HTC 10 have in common? Well, they're all Android phones, of course, but they all lack a common feature: 'OK Google' hotword recognition while the screen is off (off the charger). In fact, this feature is so rarely found on Android devices that you can almost call it a Nexus (or soon, Pixel) exclusive these days. And even then, not all Nexus devices seem to be able to do it. The proper name for this feature is "always on."

The reasons for 'always on' being disabled on so many other devices are seemingly myriad - some OEMs claim security issues, others have conflicting products (cough S Voice cough) with similar functionality, and some may be limited by the capabilities of their chipsets or a perceived potential for power drain.

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