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LineageOS now supports the Moto Z Play, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, and more

The community behind LineageOS, the successor to the ill-fated CyanogenMod ROM, continues to impress. New devices are constantly being added to the build roster, and we're even seeing new software features crop up, like custom Quick Settings tiles. Now the project has started supporting nine additional devices.

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[Update: Confirmed, G5, V20, and Nexus 5X added] Attorneys behind LG bootloop lawsuit seek to add more phones to claim


It looks like LG can't catch a break. Hot on the heels of our news about the G4 and V10, it looks like the attorneys in that suit may be doing research into other potentially affected devices, including the G5, V20, and Nexus 5X.

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[AP Exclusive Deal Alert] Get an LG V20 and a free LG 360 CAM for just $499.99 ($500 off) from B&H

These days, it's not too hard to find a good deal on a smartphone. Whether you purchase a new device from a carrier or retailer or a secondhand one off of eBay or Craigslist, there's usually a decent chunk of change that can be saved with just a few clicks around the web.

That being said, truly amazing deals are still pretty rare on occasions other than Black Friday or the like. We've got one here for you, though; B&H has exclusively partnered with Android Police to offer the unlocked LG V20, plus a free LG 360 CAM, for just $499.99 - a $500 savings over MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] LG V20 on sale for $499.99 ($300 off) via B&H today only

Your options are limited if you want a newer phone with a removable battery. The LG V20 is a match, but it's spendy. Carriers are asking $700-800, and the unlocked version on Amazon is not much cheaper. However, B&H has the US unlocked phone on discount today. You'll pay just $499.99, but the price goes back up tomorrow.

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ZeroLemon's massive 10,000 mAh battery case for LG V20 is now available for $60

The LG V20 has a 3200 mAh, replaceable battery. For a lot of people, that will get you through the day. But what if you need more? Well, you could buy an extra battery or two and just swap them out as you go along. Or, if you'd prefer to improve your forearm strength while you operate your phone, you can buy ZeroLemon's monstrous battery case for the V20 that more than triples its battery life.

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[Deal Alert] Sprint's LG V20 is 50% off ($16.50 per month) through the end of the year

Sprint can't seem to figure out what the deal is with those new jobs it announced, but it knows it would very much like you to buy a new LG V20. This device has been discounted a whopping 50%, but you need to sign up or upgrade your Sprint line by the end of 2016 to get the deal.

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Not dead yet: Report says number of in-use Galaxy Note7s still vastly exceeds all LG V20s

Over two months ago, Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note7 permanently. Recalls ensued across the globe, and returns have exceeded 90% of devices sold. Today, if a report from app research firm Apteligent is to be believed, that still means there are more Galaxy Note7s out there in use than there are LG V20s. A lot more. Apteligent's report suggests that there remain well over twice as many Note7s out in the wild as there are LG V20s. The Moto Z just barely comes in above the Note7, too, and according to Apteligent is actually declining in popularity, which is a bit weird.

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LG's bootloader unlock tool supports the LG V20 for the "US open market"

Few LG devices are lucky enough to get an official bootloader unlock method, so it's always worthy of a mention when a new phone gets supported on LG's bootloader unlock tool. We've seen the G4 and G5 for the EU open market, the V10 for Europe except France, and this is the first time a device from North America makes it onto the list.

The LG V20 "for the US open market" codenamed US996.USA is now listed on LG's bootloader unlock page. That page also has a detailed set of instructions to follow to unlock the bootloader. It also explains that the LG warranty is voided when you're done and that the process can't be undone.

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[Update: B&O H3 headphones too] LG V20 will cost $799 unlocked from Newegg and B&H, include free G Pad tablet

Now that the Galaxy Note7's chance to be this year's best phablet has gone up in flames (sorry, I couldn't resist), LG may have a real shot with the V20. The phone launched a few weeks ago in South Korea, but it still isn't available for purchase here in the US. However, the pricing details for the unlocked model are now out.

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Verizon launches the Pixel and LG V20 today

It's a big day for Nougat-powered Android on Verizon. Starting today, you can mosey into your local Verizon store and buy a Pixel or a V20. The V20 is available through a few channels, but this is the only place you can go in the real world to get a Pixel.

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