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[Deal Alert] The LG V40 is now only $10/month to lease on Sprint

The LG V40 is a very good phone, but it's really only worth considering if you can get it for a good deal. It normally costs $40 per month (over 18 months) to lease on Sprint, but there was a special preorder price of $20/month. Now there's an even better deal — the V40 is just $10/month on Sprint until November 1st.

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Google's ARCore additions for October include the Pixel 3, LG V40, and more

Augmented Reality may not yet be the game-changer some of its proponents would hope it to be, but little by little it's been coming into its own. AR's been in the spotlight this month thanks to the launch of the Pixel 3 and Google's re-branding of its AR Stickers app as Playground, but that's just the half of it — we've also seen a number of new devices join the list of official AR Core-supporting hardware.

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LG made more money in Q3 as mobile losses shrink slightly

LG is a profitable company overall, reporting growing profits almost every quarter. However, LG's mobile division has been an anchor around the company's neck. LG mobile still isn't profitable in the just-released Q3 results, but the losses have lessened. LG thinks it can turn the corner and start making money on smartphones again, but it's not exactly within striking distance of that goal.

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[Deal Alert] The international LG G6 (H870) is just $250 on B&H

The LG G6 is over a year old at this point, but if software updates aren't a major concern for you, it's still a pretty good phone. The 2017 flagship has now dropped to just $250 on B&H — that's $350 lower than the original MSRP, and $150 less than the current Best Buy price.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG V40 ThinQ up for pre-order for $750 ($200 off) with free 256GB microSD card at B&H

In spite of having less name recognition than competitors like Google, Samsung, and Apple, LG is bold enough to ask $949.99 for its V40 ThinQ. The V40 is the best phone LG's ever made, but as we said in our review, that's not quite enough. Luckily, B&H is slashing $200 off, bringing the price down to a much more palatable $749.99, and it's also throwing in a free 256GB SanDisk microSD card and a second year of warranty.

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Android 8.1 Oreo is now available for the LG K20 on AT&T


[Deal Alert] B&H has the LG G7 ThinQ for $570 ($180 off)

The LG G7 ThinQ is a perfectly capable device, but at $749.99, there's really not enough to the phone to make it worth buying over its myriad competitors. Currently, though, B&H has the G7 for a considerable $180 off, bringing its sticker price down to a much more palatable $569.99.

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LG V40 review: The best LG's ever built still isn't quite enough

The LG V40 is almost certainly the best smartphone the company has ever released. It has the best cameras, the best display, the best performance, and the most refined design of any LG phone I've ever used. And in 2018, that just isn't enough to more than an also-ran in the high-end smartphone space. At $950 unlocked, the V40 seeks to play in the smartphone big leagues with the Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS. The sad truth is that for all this phone does right, it does just enough wrong (or simply, not as well) to knock itself out of contention.

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[Update: Get your pre-order on] The LG V40 is official: Where to buy it and when it's available

LG has just taken the wraps off the V40 ThinQ, its follow-up to the almost continual V30/V30S ThinQ/V35 ThinQ refreshes. The latest iteration in the V series brings real change in design, though, with a new notched and significantly improved OLED display, triple rear camera configuration, and a $900-1000 price tag to go with it.

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Verizon's LG G7 ThinQ updated with new camera modes, status bar improvements, and more

The LG G7 ThinQ has a bad name, but it's not a bad phone now that carriers have chopped the price down a little. Over at Verizon, the phone just got an update, and unlike most maintenance updates, this one made a lot of helpful little changes. It's not Pie, but at least it's something.

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