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LG extends the warranty of all G6 phones to two years

Let's face it - LG phones have had problems with long-term use in the past. Many former phones from the company experienced the famous bootloop issue, which plagued the G4, Nexus 5X, G5, V10, and others. This was especially a problem for phones outside the warranty period. LG wants you to know that it's confident in the G6's longevity, and as a result, the company has extended the phones' warranty period to two years.

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[Deal Alert] B&H has the unlocked LG G6 for $549.99 ($50 off), or $599.99 with a Watch Style included ($130 off)

The US unlocked (US997) model of the LG G6 was made available for purchase less than a month ago (B&H is still calling it a 'New Release!' on its site), but it's already seeing some price cuts. The G6's price has been chopped by $50 to $549.99, and you can get an LG Watch Style included for just $50 extra.

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LG Pay launches in South Korea on the LG G6

Samsung launched a payment platform a few years back, and we should have known then it was only a matter of time before LG did the same. Indeed, LG announced several months ago that it was getting its own phone-based payment system. The predictably named LG Pay has launched, but only in South Korea for now.

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[Deal Alert] Sprint offers the LG G6 at 50% off, Best Buy discounts the Verizon version even more to $288

If you've been eying the quasi new LG G6 and you're stuck indoors today and passing your time by browsing, you might have stumbled onto two super nice deals for the phone.

First up, Sprint is offering 50% off the LG G6 by lowering the monthly installments from $29.5 to $14.75 over 24 months. That brings the price down to $360 total. The offer applies to existing "well-qualified" customers and new activations on Unlimited Freedom. It doesn't look like this is one of those deals where you pay the whole sum then get reimbursed credit for the rest, so the discount should apply from the get-go.

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LG has pulled the T-Mobile G6 'Buy one, get one' promotion

T-Mobile first started a 'BOGO' (Buy One, Get One) promotion for the Galaxy S8 a few days ago, which allowed customers to buy two Galaxy S8s and get a rebate for the value of the second phone up to $750. The company quickly launched the same promotion for the LG G6, but that seems to already be over.

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The US unlocked LG G6 goes on sale today for $599.99

The LG G6 has been available in the US for several weeks via carriers, but now you can skip that and get an unlocked G6 that works on any carrier. The US version of the unlocked LG G6 is now available for purchase at several retailers. Although, LG's own online store still shows it as pre-order.

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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile and LG running 'buy one, get one' promo for LG G6

T-Mobile is making a big deal out of its new buy one, get one (BOGO) promo on the Galaxy S8, but you can get a similar deal on LG's latest flagship. Buy a G6 and LG will cover the cost of a second one (eventually). LG appears to be taking the lead on fulfillment, so there are not as many annoying catches, like with the GS8 deal. You still have to jump through some hoops, though.

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Netflix updated to v5.0 with HDR video for LG G6

There have thus far been three devices release in 2017 with support for HDR video: the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Tab S3, and the LG G6. There isn't a lot of HDR video out there, though. Netflix is one of the few sources, and now it's finally available on Android. However, only the LG G6 is supported right now.

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LG G6 already down to $500 at T-Mobile, plus free Google Home and G Pad X tablet

Just the other day we noticed that LG's G6 was $600 at B&H, and now the month-old flagship is down to $500 at T-Mobile. The model T-Mobile is selling might not be the same version you can get from B&H, but, for those of you on the magenta carrier, it is $100 less and comes with a free G Pad X. You can even use it to take advantage of LG's current promo and pick up a Google Home. $500 for a phone, tablet, and Google Home is a pretty sweet deal if the $800 GS8 and its curvy screen doesn't appeal to you.

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[Update: Free Google Home] Pre-orders for the unlocked LG G6 are live on B&H for $599.99

The LG G6 is a big step up for LG after the mess that was the G5. It's a good phone, and you can get if from your carrier right now. However, what if you don't want the carrier version? Well, LG is launching an unlocked North American variant in a few weeks. B&H is accepting pre-orders now, and they've knocked $100 off the price.

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