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ZeroLemon releases battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG G6

Battery life is an ever-present concern for smartphone owners, with many modern devices struggling to make it through an entire day for some people, especially after a few months of heavy use. That's where ZeroLemon comes in, a company that has made a name for itself with its almost comically large battery cases. Cumbersome they may be, but the cases are also really useful, providing precious extra juice at the same time as offering great protection. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or an LG G6 and are in the market for such a case, ZeroLemon has just released its latest products for those phones.

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[Deal Alert] Get $70+ off unlocked LG phones: G6 for $499.95, V20 for $379.99, and G5 for $249.99

In the market for a new smartphone? Good, because we've got three US unlocked LG phones for you at varying price points. Regardless of your budget, you're sure to find a decent phone here, especially for the prices they're on sale at. The new G6 is just $499.95, the gargantuan V20 is only $379.99, and the G5 is going for $249.99.

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TWRP adds support for the international LG G6, Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 LTE, and Marshall London

When we last looked at TWRP, the project had added support for a whopping 17 new devices. Granted, most of those were variations of three Samsung devices, but it's still impressive. Since then, three more devices have been added to the official builds - including the LG G6.

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[Update: G6 US997 for US open market] LG G6 (H870) for the European market added to the Bootloader Unlock tool

LG has been providing its official Bootloader Unlock tool for developers for a while and most recent flagships have been supported on it like the G5, V10, and V20. But only one or two variants of each has seen official support and today adds another device to the list with just one variant included.

The LG G6 for the European market (H870) is now supported by the Bootloader Unlock tool.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G6 on sale for $549.99 on Amazon

The LG G6 was a definite improvement over the G5, but it wasn't quite as impressive as the Galaxy S8 overall. However, the price of this phone has been dropping ever since launch, and now you can get a new G6 for $150 off. Amazon is now selling the unlocked LG G6 for a mere $549.99, matching a previous deal at B&H. The GS8 is a lot more spendy.

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[Deal Alert] Get an unlocked, dual SIM LG G6 with 64GB and a quad DAC for just $419.99 from eBay

The LG G6 is still one of the newest flagships out there, but it's already seeing some nice price cuts. An extremely reputable seller on eBay is offering the international, dual SIM G6 for just $419.99 - a lot lower than MSRP or any other retailers with the US unlocked model.

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[Update: Winner] Giveaway: Win a brand new, unlocked LG G6 ($699 value) from LG and Android Police [US only]

LG and Android Police are teaming up to give a lucky reader a brand new LG G6. Even better, with the unlocked version just released to the public, the winner will get the unlocked version to use with their favorite carrier.

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LG to release an enhanced G6 "plus version" alongside a software update bringing new features

The LG G6 was launched in its native South Korea way back in March. The global rollout took a little longer, with an unlocked US version not getting its release until May. Variants of the flagship sold in different regions were also subject to varying features, with wireless charging exclusive to the North America model, for example, while quad DAC audio was available only to Korean consumers. In spite of what would appear to be a fragmented global launch, LG came up with its best ever phone, and one that went some way to making up for the disappointing G5. Not resting on its laurels, LG has announced the G6+, bringing with it some key spec upgrades, and a software update with new features that will also be available on the original G6.

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[Update: Extra $30 off] Deal Alert: Today is the last day you can get the Sprint LG G6 for just $120 at Best Buy

Best Buy's short Father's Day promo is set to expire tonight, so if you are interested in picking up LG's latest flagship, the G6, on Sprint for just $5 a month over 24 months, you'll have to do it soon. That price works out to $120 over two years, a savings of $609 over the full retail price. That is an exceedingly good deal. The promotional offer does have some terms and conditions associated with it, and the phone isn't likely to work outside of Sprint's network. But, if it fits your niche, it's a fantastic price. 

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T-Mobile has two new buy one get one free deals for the LG G6, V20, Samsung Galaxy S8, and S8+

T-Mobile is eager to get a head-start on Father's Day sales. In a new promo, the magenta carrier is allowing both new and existing customers to pick up a 2nd Galaxy S8,  S8+, V20 or LG G6 for free with the purchase of their first one. There are terms and conditions associated with the deal, and the cost of the 2nd phone is reimbursed via a mail-in rebate, but it's not a bad offer if you've been looking to pick up a pair of the devices. 

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