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[Deal Alert] Get $70+ off unlocked LG phones: G6 for $499.95, V20 for $379.99, and G5 for $249.99

In the market for a new smartphone? Good, because we've got three US unlocked LG phones for you at varying price points. Regardless of your budget, you're sure to find a decent phone here, especially for the prices they're on sale at. The new G6 is just $499.95, the gargantuan V20 is only $379.99, and the G5 is going for $249.99.

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[Update: Contact information to join the lawsuit] One of the LG bootloop lawsuits has been forced into arbitration

Representatives from Girard Gibbs LLP, the firm previously handling one of the LG bootloop lawsuits, contacted us late yesterday with news about the case. On June 29th the court gave an order granting the defendant's motion to compel arbitration, dismissing the lawsuit. That means that right now the suit has been forced into arbitration. 

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[Deal Alert] Get an unlocked LG G5 for $259 from Newegg

The LG G5 was by no means a perfect phone. It was pretty expensive when it launched, and the modular add-ons never really caught on. Still, it received positive feedback for its wide-angle camera and removable battery (among other things). Now you can get an unlocked G5 for $259.99 on Newegg, at least $50 less than what any other US retailer is currently charging.

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[Deal Alert] Grab an unlocked LG G5 for $299 from B&H ($230 off) and get a free LG 360 VR headset (worth $129)

LG's 2016 flagship, the G5, is still a solid phone, even if it never quite reached the same heights as other headline devices of the time. While you may not be willing to pay through the nose for it, $299 is an attractive price given its specs, and that's made even better when B&H are willing to throw in an LG 360 VR headset for nothing.

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Unlocked LG G5 in the US (RS988) gets Android 7.0 Nougat OTA

OTA updates are amazingly unpredictable. Sometimes, the US versions of devices get them first and international variants have to wait weeks and months, other times it's just the opposite. The latter is the case of the LG G5. My fiancé's unlocked model got the OTA around last December in Lebanon, but apparently the US unlocked version has been lingering on Marshmallow until now. That's a 6-month delay — whoa.

Well, the OTA is finally (never has this adverb been so rightfully used) rolling out to that variant of the G5, which is lovingly called the RS988. It weighs over 1300MB and when it installs, it pushes your device up to software version RS98821a, Android 7.0, with the April security updates.

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LG adds the G5 SE (H840) to bootloader unlock program

Back in 2015, LG officially started allowing customers to unlock bootloaders of select LG phones. You would still void your warranty, but you had the option. Now the bootloader for the 'H840' variant of the LG G5 can be officially unlocked.

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[Update: Confirmed, G5, V20, and Nexus 5X added] Attorneys behind LG bootloop lawsuit seek to add more phones to claim


It looks like LG can't catch a break. Hot on the heels of our news about the G4 and V10, it looks like the attorneys in that suit may be doing research into other potentially affected devices, including the G5, V20, and Nexus 5X.

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LG adds US unlocked LG G5 (RS988) to bootloader unlock tool

Okay look, the LG G5 was not a successful phone. There's little reason at this point to run out and buy one, but that doesn't mean there's no reason. LG just added the US unlocked model (RS988) to its bootloader unlocking tool. If you need a fast phone with an unlockable bootloader, there are worse choices.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy has Sprint's LG G5 for $240 with 24 monthly payments ($340 off retail price), other carrier versions also reduced

Even with its successor right around the corner, the LG G5 is not all that bad of a phone. It might be a little bit weird, but at least it has good specs and Nougat. So if you're looking for a decent phone on the cheap, then you may want to check out what Best Buy is offering. The carrier versions of the G5 are on sale for the 24-month installment plans. Sprint has the best deal at $9.99 per month, making the phone effectively $239.76 after two years.

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The Nougat update is rolling out to the AT&T LG G5

On this quiet holiday Monday (in America), there's something notable happening on AT&T's network. The long-awaited Nougat update for Ma Bell's LG G5 has started rolling out. Check for the update on your device and you may well find success.

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