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[Deal Alert] Get A Refurb LG G4 32GB For $210 Or LG G3 32GB For $130 On Woot

Not interested in those new flagships from Samsung, LG, or HTC? Or maybe you just want a cheap smartphone for your teenage kid, your parents, your tech-challenged spouse, or as a secondary device for yourself? Here are a couple of Woot deals for you.

The site is offering both the LG G4 and LG G3 as refurbished units for significantly reduced prices. Both phones come in 32GB storage variants, both have large 5.5" screens, removable batteries, expandable storage, good cameras, and decent processors. Woot says these are unlocked and Grade A Refurbished devices with no scratches or scuffs on the screen or casing and they come with a 90-day warranty and a charger in the box.

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The LG G3 On T-Mobile Is Now Getting Android 6.0 OTA

A Marshmallow update for the T-Mobile LG G3 started popping up about a week ago, but only in the LG PC Suite. Now, T-Mobile has made the Marshmallow OTA official. The rollout started yesterday, and should be done in the coming days. Not bad for a phone that's nearly two years old.

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LG G3 On T-Mobile And AT&T Starts Getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

We love it when "old" devices get updated to new versions of Android, especially when said old devices are really great smartphones that were popular in their day and still serve their job even in today's landscape. My LG G3, for example, is now in my mother's hands and she has zero complaints about it since it does more than she could ever need. I'm still waiting for Marshmallow to hit her phone though, because as much as she doesn't care what Android version runs below the surface, I do want her to have Doze to improve the aging battery's life and to get a newer Android Security Patch Level (which is sure to come with a full system update).

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[Deal Alert] LG Is Selling Batteries And Cradles For The LG V10, G4, G3, And Lucid 2 Priced As Low As $10 Each

The benefit of replaceable batteries is that you can replace them. This effectively doubles your device's battery life. I know. Mind blown.

Batteries can be pricey. Like other forms of phone accessories, you may want to wait for a sale before picking one up.

Oh look, what have we here?

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Verizon's LG G3, G4, And HTC One M9 Start Getting Android Marshmallow Update

Both Christmas and Valentine's are over, but Verizon doesn't seem to be aware of that. It has decided to wrap up its OTA updates with a bow and deliver them straight to your phone so you can enjoy some Marshmallow flavor before the end of winter.

Both the LG G3 and LG G4 are getting updated to Android 6.0, the former to version VS98546A and the latter to version VS98624C. Verizon details the new features with short descriptions and some screenshots so you can already go take a look and see how LG's flavor of Marshmallow will look like. There's Now on Tap, Doze mode, runtime permissions, silent mode, Direct Share, and more.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Brand New AT&T Unlocked LG G3 For $209.99 On eBay With Free Shipping

The G4 is LG's latest flagship phone, but the G3 is still a slick piece of hardware. At this point we're approaching the end of its software support cycle, but the hardware is more than adequate to keep most folks satisfied for another year or two. And if you consider the existence of CyanogenMod nightlies, there's a solid chance owners will get to run a few more major versions of Android on this thing.

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[Update: Now $219.99] New Unlocked LG G3 (D851) On Sale For $279.99 Via eBay

LG would probably like to sell you a G4 right now, but the G3 is still a perfectly nice phone. Today you can pick one up on eBay for the downright reasonable price of $279.99. This is a new unlocked phone that should work on any GSM/LTE network in North America.

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Verizon LG G3 Over The Air Update Adds A Few UI Tweaks And HD Voice Options


AT&T Galaxy S5 Receives Hefty Performance And Security-Related Update, While LG G3 Gets McAfee Factory Reset Protection


[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G3 (D850) On Sale For $329.99 Via eBay [Update]

The LG G4 is out now, so the G3 is technically yesterday's news. It's still a fine phone, though, and the price is getting more reasonable all the time. You can pick up a new unlocked one right now for $330 on eBay. It was most recently on sale for $340, and it's still around $400 on Amazon.

2015-06-23 16_51_44-LG G3 D850 32GB Blue Unlocked Smartphone New _ eBay

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