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LineageOS updates nine phones to Pie, brings back support for Nvidia Shield Tablet

LineageOS is one of the most popular custom Android ROMs around, with somewhere around two million active installations. Since the last time we covered the project, nine more phones have been updated to the Android 9 Pie branch, and the Nvidia Shield Tablet has made a comeback.

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LineageOS 15.1 Oreo now available for the ZTE Axon 7, LG G2, and other devices

The last time we covered LineageOS, the most popular custom ROM in the Android community, Oreo builds for the Nextbit Robin and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 became available. In the month since that post, even more phones have been added to the Oreo roster, including a long-time community favorite - the ZTE Axon 7.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished LG G2 (T-Mobile) On Sale For $159.99 Through eBay

The G4 is going to be available in the coming weeks, but maybe you don't want to spend hundreds on a new flagship phone. One from a few years ago might be good enough, especially when it's available at a steep discount. Case in point, the T-Mobile LG G2 can be yours for just $160 on eBay Daily Deals.

2015-04-30 16_11_05-LG G2 D801 32GB Black Android Smartphone for T Mobile _ eBay

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[Update: It's Back] [Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G2 On Sale For $189.99 Through eBay Daily Deals

It may be coming up on 18 months old, but the LG G2 is still a capable device. At this price, though, it's a steal. You can pick up an unlocked G2 (the AT&T model) for $189.99 with free shipping.

2015-03-23 18_10_12-LG G2 Latest Model 32GB GSM Factory Unlocked Smartphone Brand New _ eBay

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Sprint Begins Rolling Out Android 5.0 OTA Update For The LG G2

LG G2 units on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all been updated to Lollipop (or at least begun the process) within the last month. Last, and depending upon coverage in your specific area, very possibly least, is Sprint. According to this Sprint support page, the Android 5.0 over-the-air upgrade is beginning today. You know the drill: check your Settings menu for a manual software refresh, and when that doesn't work, look to your favorite user forum for a side-loaded update file.


This particular build for the Sprint model of the G2 is labeled "ZVG," and it also includes an "Update to [the] FM Radio software."

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AT&T Pushes Out LG G2 Android Lollipop OTA Software Update


T-Mobile Is Pushing Android 5.0 To The LG G2


LG G2 On Verizon Wireless Receives OTA Update With Android Lollipop

The benefit of buying a flagship, aside from solid specs, is the likelihood of continuing to receive updates after the predecessor has launched. Carriers and manufacturers generally try to keep you current just long enough to make it through a two-year contract without complaining. So now we're seeing the year and a half old LG G2 on Verizon Wireless updated to Android 5.0.


Software version VS98039A brings in those changes that come with Android Lollipop, which we've covered in great detail. Many of these tweaks look different when combined with LG's alterations, but everything still remains pretty flat and colorful.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked New AT&T LG G2 32GB On eBay For $209.99, Tax Only In CA

The G3 may be LG's favorite child at the moment, but the G2 remains a compelling piece of hardware. Anyone in the market for one would do well to take a glance over at eBay, where unlocked AT&T models with 32GB of storage are going for $209.99 with free shipping, and the only people who have to pay taxes are those living in California. These are new units discounted to a lower price than refurbished ones went for back in August.

Screenshot 2015-01-27 at 9.09.41 AM

Color options are simple. You have your choice of black or white, whichever neutral tone tickles your fancy more.

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Verizon Rolls Out Update To LG G2 With Advanced Calling 1.0 Improvements, LTE Data Roaming, And More

Verizon is sending out an update to the LG G2 with a number of tweaks and improvements, not all of which are new. Software build VS98027A mostly revolves around changes to Verizon's Advanced Calling 1.0 VoLTE system, but shares a number of features with VS98026A, which was a much more minor update.

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