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[Update: Applies To All US Retailers] Huawei Stands By Their First Android Wear Watch, Says They Will Extend Manufacturer Warranty To Total Of 2 Years For Purchases Made Through Their Company Store

To show just how serious they are about their effort to make headway into the US market, Huawei will double the standard warranty period for the newly-released Huawei Watch. While the in-box insert for the Huawei Watch will state that the device is warranted for 12 months, you now need only to register the device at the company's website to add yet another year to the period.

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You Can Now Grab The $40 Huawei Watch Charging Cradle From The Google Store

The Huawei Watch comes with its own nifty charging cradle that you can rest the smartwatch on to pump juice back into its battery. Thing is, the thing costs $40. Needless to say, that's not cheap.

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Huawei Watch Review: An Excellent First Effort From Huawei

The Huawei Watch is a nice smartwatch with a nice screen, good battery life, and what I would call an above-average level of construction quality. If you want a Wear device that is nice and usable and doesn’t have anything seriously wrong or annoying about it, this is a great option. A pricey one, to be sure, but still very, very good. But above all else, it really does feel like the Huawei Watch is the smartwatch for the consumer seriously concerned about the Moto 360’s flat tire. That is most of this watch’s real appeal to enthusiasts, so let’s just lay it out there.

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[Update: Huawei Responds] It Very Much Looks Like The Huawei Watch Has A Speaker Inside It, But It Doesn't Do Anything (Yet)

Take a look at the image above. While it lacks some context, you may recognize the circular shape of that hunk of plastic and pogo pins as the rear cover of a smartwatch. A Huawei Watch, to be precise. And what's front-and-center in focus? Well, initially it just looks like... a big hunk of metal. Upon taking apart the watch, I immediately noticed it was highly magnetic and had been glued down to an area of the watch that corresponds with an unexplained opening on the case pictured below.

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Huawei Watch Pre-Orders Are Live, Here's Where You Can Get It

It's been a long time since there's been a new Android Wear watch available for pre-order, but this is the big day for the much anticipated Huawei Watch. This device starts at $349 and will eventually go all the way up to $799, but the expensive gold versions aren't part of today's pre-order. You can get the other versions at Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

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Huawei Watch Hands-On, Release Date, And Pricing: The Bar Has Been Set For Android Wear Devices... Again [Video]

Given how young Android Wear is as a platform, it's not terribly surprising that a new "best" Wear device pops up every six months or so. But the Huawei Watch, announced way back in March at MWC in Spain, has all but stolen the proverbial show since it was first unveiled. Let's get the important parts out in front: pre-orders start today at, Google Store, and, and ship beginning September 17th. The Huawei Watch will start at $349 for the stainless steel body and basic black leather strap and go up to $799 for the rose gold version with matching links.

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Customers Who Pre-Ordered A Huawei Watch Are Seeing Their Updated Delivery Dates Pushed Back To Mid-September

A lot of people are excited about the Huawei Watch (which we've taken to calling the Huawatch around the Android Police virtual office). This is probably because it's the most watch-like Android Wear device that's been shown so far, and has a round screen that's actually round. All the way around. 360 degrees of roundness, you might say. Would-be purchasers have been waiting to buy one since the watch was announced way back in March, and the first pre-orders went live on Amazon earlier this week.


Unfortunately, those pre-orders were quickly dismissed by Huawei itself - the company said that it had nothing to announce, implying that the listings on Amazon (which quickly disappeared) and the September 2nd launch date weren't actually approved by the manufacturer.

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[Update: Statement] Huawei Watch Pre-Order Appears On Amazon With Prices Ranging From $350 To $800, Release Date Listed As September 2nd

News spread back in June that Huawei was waiting until September or October to launch the Huawei Watch. Now the watch has appeared on Amazon, and it's showing a launch date of September 2nd.

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Multiple Sources Now Indicate That Android Wear Will Launch For iOS Soon

Today's leak of the Huawei Watch on Amazon referenced the fact that the device was compatible with "iOS 8.2 or higher." Normally, it might be easy to chalk up such a thing to an oversight or automatic field-fill on the merchant page.

But I'd take stock in that information: we've learned from a second, reliable source off the record that Android Wear will be receiving iOS support soon. How soon? It's possible we could see an announcement some time around IFA, which happens Sept. 4-9, though the announcement may not necessarily be at the show or even during it - it's not exactly clear.

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Huawei Watch Reportedly Delayed Until Late Q3 Or Early Q4

A new report claims that Huawei has pushed back the release of the Huawei Watch until September or October. Of course, there was never an official launch date for the watch, but that's much later than everyone was expecting. The reason cited in the report for the delay is "incompatibility issues with Android Wear." That could mean any number of things.


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