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The Next Version Of Android Wear Is Being Tested On The Huawei Watch, And It Finally Activates The Speaker

Fair play to Huawei for including a speaker on its self-titled Android Wear watch long before the software actually supported it. That being said, I'm sure Huawei Watch owners are wondering when their expensive gadget will have all of its parts activated so they can stop carrying around an extra quarter-ounce of extraneous electronics. According to multiple sources, that speaker will be activated soon, specifically whenever Google gets around to issuing the next version of Android Wear's firmware.

A user on Reddit says that he or she is currently using a test build of Android Wear on the Huawei Watch, and that the speaker is active with the new software installed.

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Video: The Huawei Watch's New Customizable Watch Face Is Surprisingly Awesome

In the most recent update to the Huawei Watch, the company added a brand-new customizable face to the device. While you may note that there are plenty of watch face creation apps out there for Android Wear, Huawei's is a bit different. All of the customization happens on the watch itself, and the UI is dead simple - just pick and choose the elements you want, and you're off with a personalized layout.

While it's not the most robust customization we've seen for Android Wear, the simplicity and functionality of Huawei's tool is what really makes it shine. Anybody can figure this out, and it allows you to add just a touch of personal flare to your smartwatch if you find the built-in faces don't really suit you.

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[Deal Alert] Target Has 15% Off Everything Today For Cyber Monday, Like This Huawei Watch For Only $255

The Huawei Watch is a premium device. On a normal day, it goes for a starting price of $350. For Black Friday, Huawei knocked $100 off the price off on some of the pricier models, making it possible to get the Android Wear device for $300. For Cyber Monday, Target is doing Huawei one better.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store Black Friday Sale Live - $200 Off Nexus 9, $80 Off Nexus 5X, Two Chromecasts For $50, And Much More

Google is getting into the annual celebration of the American consumer, known as Black Friday, with a plethora of deep discounts. I'd love to apply my normal flair and lame jokes to this article, but this is Black Friday and I ain't got no time for that!

So here's the breakdown.

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[Update: It's Live] Huawei Is Knocking Up To $100 Off The Price Of The Huawei Watch This Black Friday

The Huawei Watch is probably the best overall Android Wear device you can get right now, but it starts at a whopping $350. To make the purchase a little less painful, Huawei is dropping the price on Black Friday by as much as $100 on some models of the watch. The savings continue for all of Cyber Monday week, but Black Friday has the biggest savings.

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Huawei Rolls Out OTA Update LCB43B To The Huawei Watch With A New App, Face, And Plenty Of Optimizations

Part of the joy of picking up an Android Wear device is that you don't just get to be excited about over-the-air updates for your phone and tablet, you also get to receive them on your watch as well. Huawei is pushing out one now. It's going out in waves, but that means some wearers should receive the update right away. You may have to check for it manually.

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Huawei Reveals Rose Gold Option For The Huawei Watch

If there were a prize for color of the year, rose gold would be the 2015 champion. Ever since Apple released the rose gold iPhone 6s, every other manufacturer has been quick to launch their products in the coveted 'rose gold' variant. The color itself has somewhat of an identity crisis, ranging from the everyone-knows-it's-pink-but-let's-not-call-it-pink tone on the iPhone to the not-pink-at-all gradient of the ZTE Blade S7.

The newly announced rose gold Huawei Watch falls on the latter end of that spectrum, with plenty of gold and no traces of pink at all.

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Google Announces Official Cellular Support For Android Wear, Doesn't Mention Any Speaker Functionality For Existing Devices Like The Huawei Watch

Raise your hand if this comes as unexpected news to you. Crickets. Alright, we know Google isn't really revealing the most secret of secrets with its newest "Cellular support comes to Android Wear" announcement, but it is clarifying a few things we didn't know about how LTE would work on our smartwatches.

In his post, Peter Ludwig, Product Manager for Android Wear, explains that cellular connectivity on Wear will allow you to leave your phone behind and use your smartwatch on the go. However, it doesn't seem like you'll be able to completely forego the phone, à la Samsung Gear S2, because both phone and watch will need to be turned on and connected to a network for Wear to do its thing.

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Huawei Watch vs. Moto 360 v2: Which One Belongs On Your Wrist?

The first few Android Wear watches from mid-2014 were watches in name only. They were really more like tiny screens strapped to your wrist that told the time. The design of Android Wear devices has evolved significantly since then, and now there are some that look like honest-to-goodness watches. The second gen Moto 360 and Huawei Watch are the most watch-like so far, but they aren't cheap. Let's see how they compare so you can (maybe) pick up the right one for you.

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Huawei Is Taking $50 Off The Huawei Watch If You Bundle It With A Nexus 6P

You can (allegedly) buy a Nexus 6P from the Google Store. Heck, that's basically the only place that comes to mind. But if you don't think you can get the phone elsewhere, you're wrong. Huawei will also sell you the phone directly from its site.

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