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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Offers $100-$150 Off The Huawei Watch, As Low As $250

In the admittedly limited field of Android Wear devices, the Huawei Watch is the current stand-out. Between the full circular screen, the all-metal build, the built-in heart rate monitor, and a design that has a high factor of watchiness (a technical term meaning "possessing the quality of a conventional watch"), it's received quite the warm welcome among the Android faithful. The Huawei Watch is also one of the most expensive options out there, but today Best Buy is easing a bit of the sticker shock. 

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[Deal Alert] All Styles Of The Huawei Watch On Sale For $100-150 Off At Amazon And Best Buy

Perhaps the best of the current brood of Android Wear watches, the Huawei watch looks great and performs admirably. It's also quite expensive, so it's always welcome news when it goes on sale. Here's some of that welcome news, the Huawei watch is on sale.

In fact, every color and band option available at Amazon and Best Buy is currently $100 to $150 off (with the exception of the ladies rose gold version, which is $50 off).

There's not really anything else to say on the matter, so I won't hold you from digitally perusing the wares of these two retailers any longer – here are the links.

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The Huawei Watch 'Jewel' And 'Elegant' (Ladies Models) Finally Pop Up For Sale In The US, Starting At $450

Say what you will about the latest crop of Android Wear devices, but it would be hard to call any of them "feminine." Even with gold-plated bodies or thin bands, the chunky or boxy nature of the watches mean that they don't easily conform to the current designs of women's conventional watches. (For my money, the most svelte looking Android Wear device right now is the Asus Zenwatch 2.) But Huawei is willing to give it a shot: a few months ago we caught wind of two new variants of the Huawei Watch, the "Jewel" and the "Elegant," and now it appears both of them will soon be available in the US.

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Huawei Watch For Women Pops Up On The Google Store, Listed As Coming Soon

At this year's CES, Huawei announced a version of its Android Wear watch intended for women. Last week, we saw some of the options appear in renders on Huawei's Chinese website. Now the watch has appeared on the Google Store.

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New Variants Of Ladies Huawei Watch Pop Up On Huawei Chinese Site

You might have missed it in all the CES madness this year, but Huawei announced a few new versions of the Huawei watch intended for ladies. At the time, we saw two styles (still shown on the worldwide site), but Huawei's Chinese website now shows four of them with a mix of bands. Of course, none have actually gone on sale anyplace we're aware of.

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[Deal Alert] Most Versions Of The Huawei Watch Are On Sale (Up To $130 Off) Via Amazon Today Only

The Huawei Watch has been one of the best Android Wear devices since its launch last fall, but the price was quite high. It's come down a bit from time to time, but today there's a big sale on almost all variants of the Huawei Watch on Amazon. You can save over $100 on some of them, but the sale is valid today only.

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Huawei Says Android 6.0 For Huawei Watch Should Start Rolling Out Today

It took a long time for Android 6.0 to start hitting watches after the abrupt cancellation of the Marshmallow-packing Watch Urbane 2. The update has only just started hitting Motorola watches in the last week or so, but now Huawei says the update is starting today for the Huawei Watch.

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[Update: ASUS ZenWatch 2 Too] Google Store Finally Recognizes The Built-In Speaker Of The Huawei Watch — Android Wear Update Imminent?

The saga of speaker support on Android Wear has been a long one. First we spotted the speaker inside the Huawei Watch despite no mention of it in any product documentation, then the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE was released with calling and speaker support only to be quickly canceled by LG, then Google officially announced cellular support on Wear without explaining how the speaker would work in that case, and finally a test build of Wear made it onto a user's device with an activated speaker for calls, alerts, and speech-to-text.

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The Nexus 5X And Gold Nexus 6P Are $50 Off At Various Retailers, Plus Get $50 Off The Huawei Watch With 6P Purchase

Google has been pushing the Nexus 5X and 6P with frequent sales since they came out, and it looks like there's another promo coming into effect for Valentine's Day. The Nexus 5X on eBay yesterday was only the beginning. You can get $50 off a gold Nexus 6P or a Nexus 5X, but you might not see both discounts at all retailers. It's actually a bit of a mess.

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[Update: Pricing, More Info] Huawei Announces Two New And More Feminine Variants Of Its Android Wear Watch: Jewel And Elegant

If you ask me, the Huawei Watch is one of the classiest Android Wear devices on the market right now. The stainless steel one with the mesh band on my wrist would duel you to death if you dared to disagree with that statement, and so would everyone who has seen it in person. But that doesn't mean that Huawei is resting on its laurels or not working on churning even better looking variants of the watch.

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