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Android Oreo now rolling out to Honor 8 users in India — who's next?

Honor 8 users are on a bit of an emotional roller coaster when it comes to getting Android 8 Oreo. In January, they were told that the 2016 device would not receive Android Oreo at all, even though the Honor 8 Lite and Honor 8 Pro were getting the new OS version, due to "hardware and software limitations." That didn't really sit well with anyone, though, and a few months later the Honor 8 Android Oreo beta arrived in China, before rolling out to the public in July, alongside builds for a variety of other Honor and Huawei devices.

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Honor 8 to get EMUI 8.0 features ported but not EMUI 8.0 / Oreo itself, other Honor devices slated to receive Oreo update listed

Huawei's been releasing Oreo betas for several of its phones, but we still haven't heard much about updates for Honor-branded devices. Now Huawei has published a list of all the devices that Oreo is being developed for. Oddly, the Honor 8 is mentioned in spite of a confirmation from Honor India on Twitter that the phone wouldn't be getting Oreo.

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It looks like the Honor 8 won't get Oreo after all

Huawei's Honor sub-brand has been responsible for some nice pieces of hardware over the years, but the software always seems to lag behind. Just recently, the Honor 7X launched with Nougat when it should by all rights have had Oreo. Owners of the Honor 8 are also getting some bad Oreo news—they won't see Oreo at all. At least, this is what Honor's Indian Twitter account is telling people.

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Here are all the phones updated to support Project Treble

This list is no longer updated. You can find a full list of devices that support Project Treble here.

One of the most important features included in Android 8.0 Oreo is 'Project Treble,' Google's attempt to modularize Android. We covered it in detail here, but in a nutshell, Treble separates all the low-level device drivers (known as the 'vendor implementation') from the rest of Android. This makes updating phones/tablets to the latest version of Android much easier for manufacturers, as long as they already support Treble.

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[Update: Amazon too] Deal Alert: 64GB Honor 8 is down to $279.99 ($170 off) at B&H

The Honor 8 deserves a lot more credit than it gets. Sure, EMUI still isn't as nice as stock Android, but it's very fast, has a great dual camera setup, and gets awesome battery life. Plus, it's getting cheap; you can now get a 64GB model for just $279.99 - a full $170 off MSRP - from B&H.

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[Deal Alert] Get an Honor 8 32GB for just $249.99 ($150 off), 64GB for $299.99 ($150 off) at B&H

The Honor 8 is a great phone - it looks good, it's well-specced, and its software was greatly improved with the Nougat update. It's a bit confusing why it's dropped to such low prices, but hey, we're not going to complain. B&H currently has both 32GB and 64GB variants of the Honor 8 for just $249.99 and $299.99, respectively, which is $150 off the MSRP of both models.

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[Deal Alert] Huawei Mate 9, FIT, and Watch 2 are on sale for Prime Day

Huawei and Honor mostly sneak under the radar here in the United States, but they still make some solid Android devices. The Honor 6X already appeared on sale as part of Amazon's Prime Day, but a few other devices from Huawei are discounted too.

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[Update: New deal at Newegg] Deal Alert: Honor 8 on sale as low as $285 (32GB) and $325 (64GB) on Amazon

The Honor 8 has always been a very, very pretty phone. But the software was a serious drawback until just recently. Huawei rolled out Nougat to this phone a few weeks ago, and it improved the experience greatly. If that sounds like something you want to check out, the Honor 8 is on sale today for over $100 off.

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The Honor 8 receives Nougat/EMUI 5 starting today

True to its word, Honor says that Nougat/EMUI 5 is rolling out to the Honor 8 starting today (February 11). This comes via the official Twitter account and is great news for owners of the mid-range device.

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Huawei says that the Honor 8 will receive Nougat and EMUI 5 in February 2017

Nougat has been out for a few months now and several devices have already received the new version of Android, or will be in the coming months. Well, we can add the Honor 8 to that list. Huawei has said that the budget phone will be getting Android 7.0 with EMUI 5 in tow sometime in February.

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