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[CES 2014] Hands-On With The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G: 6.1", 4050mAh, Other Big Numbers

After yesterday's Huawei press event, I had an opportunity to briefly go hands-on with the company's newest super-sized phone, the Ascend Mate 2 4G. The original Ascend Mate also made its debut at CES, and this newest iteration really doesn't break the mold its predecessor set.

The new Mate 2 does boast a smaller size overall than last year's model, giving it a screen to bezel ratio that Huawei claims is the industry's best among large phones.

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[CES 2014] Huawei Ascend Mate II Is Official And Headed For The US: A Big Phone with A Huge Battery That Can Charge Other Devices

Huawei has been trying to break into the US market for years, but the current trend towards inexpensive, off-contract smartphones may be in their favor. That would explain why the company stated that it plans to bring the Ascend Mate II to American shores in its CES press conference. This big-screen, mid-range phone has a trick up its sleeve thanks to an oversized battery.

wm_DSC00880 wm_DSC00884 wm_DSC00887

Let's dive into the specs, shall we?

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