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Unlocked HTC 10 and One M9 in Europe will receive Nougat in the next two weeks, possibly carrier models too

The HTC 10 was released early last year to mostly positive reviews, minus the high price tag, and caused us to give HTC the "Most Improved OEM" award for 2016. The Nougat rollout for the unlocked HTC 10 in the US started last month, but users across the pond will have to wait a little longer. Graham Wheeler, Product and Service Director for HTC EMEA, announced that the unlocked HTC 10 and One M9 in Europe will receive Nougat in the next two weeks.

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[Because that doesn't sound ridiculous] HTC has an app to update the firmware of its USB-C to 3.5mm adapter

What was wrong with 3.5mm audio jacks? They have been standard for many years, they worked reliably, and you could find tons of headphones that supported them. But no, companies have to sometimes invent reasons to change things around and here we are with the 3.5mm jack mysteriously disappearing from modern smartphones to be replaced by USB-C digital audio. Yes, I know that size constraints matter, but so far, the released phones with no jack don't make a good case for that argument and don't provide any new hardware that uses the additional empty space favorably. And for the record, I am ranting even though I use Bluetooth headsets 99% of the time; I just like having the 3.5mm plug option for that 1%.

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There will probably be no HTC 11

During my briefing for the new HTC U Play and U Ultra last week, a point of discussion around "flagships" came up during the presentation. HTC wants to send the message that U is now the premiere brand for the company, and that U is where HTC's premiere products will be found.

There was an interruption by an HTC rep, something along the lines of "we won't say there will be no HTC 11" (I'm paraphrasing here - this isn't a directly attributable quote), but the HTC executive making the presentation then responded with something that basically worked out to "well, we kind of are saying that."

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Hands-on with the HTC U Play and U Ultra: I am confUsed

Last week at CES, I had a chance to spend some time with the new phones from HTC, the U Play and U Ultra. You already know the details on these phones (check out our post here), so I'm more interested in the question of what, if anything, makes them worthy of your attention.

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The HTC U Ultra and U Play showcase a new design direction, both launching in early 2017

HTC has been lagging behind its competitors for years, despite some fantastic hardware and critical acclaim. So for 2017 the company is going in a completely new design direction, dumping the aluminum unibody phones it's become known for and shifting to a more generic glass front and back. The first products displaying this new direction are the HTC U Ultra, the new flagship phone, and the U Play, a mid-range model. They'll both go on sale later this year.

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Unannounced HTC 'Ocean Note' Leaks with glass frame and secondary ticker display

HTC is looking for a hit after the mediocre performance of its 2016 lineup. It scored the contract to manufacture the Pixel, but that doesn't do much to help its flagging brand. The Ocean Note (a code name) looks to be HTC's next attempt to get people interested in its devices again. Photos of the device have leaked (from the depths of Weibo), and it has some traits you'll find very familiar.

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[Update: HTC 10 RUU] Android 7.0 Nougat rolling out to the T-Mobile HTC 10 and LG G Pad X 8.0

While everyone is busy paying attention to the happenings at CES, T-Mobile has dropped a few big OTA updates. Android 7.0 Nougat is coming to the HTC 10 and LG G Pad X 8.0. If you have one of these devices, now is the time to start mashing the update button. Okay, don't actually do that, but an update will arrive soon.

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HTC reportedly plans to release HTC One X10 mid-range phablet in first quarter of 2017

HTC is still looking for a path forward after the poor performance of the HTC 10. It got the nod to manufacture Google's Pixel phones, but that doesn't do anything to rehabilitate its flagging brand. While its flagship play for 2017 is still a mystery, VentureBeat reports that it will launch the HTC One X10 phablet in a few months. It won't be a high-end phone, but maybe this is what the company needs right now.

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HTC wants 'U' to know about its January 12th announcement

HTC has something new coming. It's probably a phone, or at least something phone-adjacent, though the company has made a few interesting tangents in the last few years. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be shown off on January 12th. Exactly where and when hasn't been disclosed - HTC sent us the image above and a brief snippet of text, with no city or venue to go along with it. Presumably we'll be getting that information sometime in the next three weeks.

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[Deal Alert] Get an HTC 10 for $499 ($200 off), plus a free pair of Jabra Move wireless headphones

The HTC 10 is really quite a nice phone, and it was such an improvement over its predecessor, the One M9, that we recently gave HTC Android Police's Most-Improved OEM of 2016 award. Arguably the largest issue was its price; at $699, it was a tad out of reach for some. However, HTC's latest Hot Deals sale discounts the 10 to just $499, a $200 reduction, and a free pair of wireless headphones. Not bad.

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