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HTC's upcoming budget phone, the One X10, gets leaked

Back in January, we got our first look at the HTC One X10. Much like the One X9 before it, the X10 is a 5.5" budget phone designed for markets like India. Now we have a better look at it, courtesy of a post on Weibo.

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Sprint's HTC One A9 gets its Nougat OTA update

We're finally getting a good, steady stream of Android 7.0 updates for major smartphones. Several months later than we'd like to have them, of course, but such is life in the current world of Android software. Today owners of the HTC A9 on Sprint get a turn, at least according to HTC's official support page. The page says that software update 2.18.651.2 includes an upgrade to Nougat, as well as bringing the core security patch up to January of this year.

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HTC is working on a mobile VR product for U Ultra, "not a phone slapped onto a headset"

Mobile virtual reality hasn't really struck a chord with consumers. Content for Google Daydream is lacking, and Samsung's Gear VR platform isn't doing much better. HTC's president of global sales, Chia-lin Chang, has revealed that the company is working on its own mobile VR product - and it's "not a phone slapped onto a headset."

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[Update: OnePlus 3T too] LineageOS 14.1 hits new devices, including HTC One M7, Samsung tablets, LG G3, and ZTE Axon 7

LineageOS is still a relative newcomer to the Android world, but since it's descended from the legendary CyanogenMod, builds for various devices are coming thick and fast.

In this round, there are six new devices receiving LineageOS 14.1 (based on Android 7.1 Nougat) builds: two HTCs, two Samsungs, an LG, and a ZTE. The HTC phones are both variants, Verizon and GSM, of the original HTC One, the M7. It's good to see this phone still being supported, since it came out a good four years ago now.

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A really fake 'HTC 11' leak is fooling a depressing number of people

In an era where #fakenews awareness is at an all-time high, we should all be doing our part to combat the problem of false information spreading online. Even if it's about something as benign as phone specifications. But sometimes the speed and breadth with which some rather obviously fake information is picked up can be a little scary. Take this "leak" of the 'HTC 11' (a phone by which name does not and will not exist).

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HTC 10 Nougat rollout in Europe is resuming, users can flash the update manually

About two weeks ago, HTC began rolling out Nougat to the HTC 10, 10 Lifestyle, and One M9 in Europe. However, the rollout for the HTC 10 was paused due to an unforeseen technical issue, with the company estimating a fix due in February.

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HTC loses Jason Mackenzie, a longtime top-level executive


HTC: We are not building an Android Wear watch (at least, not anymore)

A quote from a high-level HTC executive is circulating this morning categorically denying that the company is building an Android Wear smartwatch, despite a leak of what very much looks like an HTC / Under Armour Android Wear smartwatch last week. So, what do we believe? Well, after reaching out to HTC, they confirmed to us that the quote - "we're not going to have an Android watch" - is accurate. I would take that as the end of discussion on the matter: No HTC Android Wear smartwatch is happening.

Further, speaking to an unnamed source, we've learned that the Under Armour watch pictured above is actually a very old prototype, not something the company is currently working on, and probably hasn't worked on in a long time.

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More pictures of HTC's Android Wear smartwatch emerge

HTC's Android Wear watch, codenamed Halfbeak, leaked back in October on Chinese social network Weibo. Since then, we haven't heard a peep from the Taiwanese company regarding the watch. Nevertheless, a bucketload of new photos have popped up, again on Weibo, showing the watch in all its glory.

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[Update: RUU file] HTC's One A9 is finally getting its Nougat update tonight

HTC has been sort of falling apart lately. While the 10 was a solid improvement over the last year's M9, the A9s was a downgraded and even more iPhone-inspired version of the A9, and the recently-announced U Ultra is already somewhat doomed thanks to its lack of a headphone jack, very small battery, limited availability, and ambitious price tag. In the latest installment of the saga, the mid-range One A9 is just now receiving Android 7.0 Nougat.

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