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One (M7, 2013)


Sunshine 3.0 Released With Ability To Unlock And S-Off Many Motorola And Almost All HTC Handsets

If you're going to do any serious modding on your Android smartphone, your first step is going to be unlocking the bootloader. This is a simple procedure on Nexus devices and a few other handsets, but many of the top OEMs have added security measures to prevent regular users from mucking about with their stock software. For these devices, there's a tool called Sunshine by recognized developers Justin Case (jcase), beaups, and friends.

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HTC Confirms One M7 Will Not Get Any More Major Android Updates, Including 5.1

Starting with the One M7, HTC promised customers that it would deliver two years of updates. This promise came after the manufacturer abandoned its previous flagship early on, leaving the One X stranded on Android 4.2 long after 4.3 had hit devices and 4.4 became a thing.

But now, the end of the line has come for the One M7. Vice President of Product Management Mo Versi has confirmed on Twitter that the 2013 flagship will not receive Android 5.1, except for the Google Play Edition.

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HTC Posts Full 1.5GB Lollipop RUU For T-Mobile's One M7


[Update: Rolling Out] T-Mobile's HTC One M7 Lollipop Update Scheduled For Tuesday, March 10th

Hey, HTC One M7 (2013) owners on T-Mobile, are you jealous of your counterparts in Europe, or on Sprint, or those who use the Developer Edition? You know, because they all have the Lollipop update (or at least access to a ROM file) before you do?

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HTC Releases Lollipop Kernel Source For One M7 Developer Edition

HTC has been rolling out Lollipop OTAs to its various One devices in the last few weeks, but kernel source is also showing up. Most of the source code has been for the One M8 so far, but now the developer edition M7 has some Lollipop kernel source too.


Before this release, the only M7 with Lollipop kernel source was the Google Play Edition. It makes sense the developer edition would be next as there are still a lot of M7 variants on carriers that don't have an OTA.

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HTC One M7 Getting Lollipop 5.0.2 Update In Europe


HTC Posts Lollipop RUUs For HTC One M7 and M8 Developer, Unlocked Editions


[Update: Live] HTC Says T-Mobile's One M8 Will Get Its Lollipop OTA Starting On Monday, February 9th

HTC missed its 90-day goal to deliver Android 5.0 upgrades to all owners of the One M8 and One M7. They're very sorry about that. But to give credit where it's due, it does seem like the company is genuinely trying to get its hardware updated as soon as possible.

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HTC Posts 1.5GB RUU File To Manually Install Lollipop On The Sprint HTC One M7


HTC One M7 Developer Edition Starts Receiving Android 5.0.2 Update With Sense 6.0 ROM