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HTC One A9 Now Available From AT&T Online For $520, In Stores November 6th

The HTC One A9 is a fun phone to mock, but as it turns out, it's also a fun phone to use. And if you're an AT&T customer, your chance to do so has arrived.

The carrier offers HTC's first Marshmallow-running device in Carbon Gray and Opal Silver. Either way, you're paying $520. Yes, that's a big leap up from the $400 introductory price, but that's why we call them deals (edit: so you might want to jump on that while you still can).

Since this is AT&T we're talking about, you have no shortage of ways to part with your money.

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HTC One A9 Review: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good (Pretty Good)

At a wedding reception this past Saturday, I finally had a chance to put the HTC One A9 side-by-side with an iPhone 6. “It looks just like an iPhone. Even the little camera bump looks similar,” remarked the person whose iDevice I had temporarily pilfered for this little visual experiment.

I was forced to agree. Flip them over, of course, and the story changes. HTC’s phone, with its elongated speaker grille, HTC logo, and Samsung-pill-style capacitive home key and fingerprint scanner is noticeably distinguishable from any iPhone - and really no different from any other white Android phone in that regard.

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