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HTC Pushing January Security Update To The Unlocked HTC One A9 And Marshmallow To The Sprint M8

HTC is finishing the week with a few device updates, including one that keeps the company's A9 handset astonishingly up-to-date. According to HTC's Mo Versi, the unlocked A9 is getting an OTA that includes the January security updates. Then there's the One M8 on Sprint, which is surprisingly getting bumped to Marshmallow.

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HTC One A9 GSM And Moto E (1st Gen) Get CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies With Android Marshmallow

The HTC One A9 was HTC's first device to ship with Android Marshmallow, but despite a relatively clean version of Sense, there's still reason to want to flash a custom ROM. Maybe you want the genuine stock Android look. Maybe you want to cut down on the number of pre-installed apps. Either way, you now have the option to flash CyanogenMod and keep Android 6.0 thanks to the arrival of CM 13 nightly builds.

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[Update: One M9 RUU] HTC Starts Rolling Out Android 6.0.1 To The Unlocked One A9, 6.0 To The One M9

It was merely a couple of weeks ago that Mo Versi announced on Twitter that some Marshmallow goodies were on track for December release on HTC's latest flagships, the One A9 and One M9. Now according to him, the updates are ready to roll out on both devices, just in time for Christmas. I think HTC likes the idea of being the Santa of OTA updates.

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AT&T HTC One A9 Starts Getting OTA With December Security Updates And Camera Improvements

Beside the new Android 6.0.1 version, we saw the release of the December security updates earlier this week. Many manufacturers committed to roll these updates monthly to their devices and HTC seems to be keen on jumping to the front of the line with its near-stock One A9.

Owners of the device on AT&T should have started seeing an OTA update yesterday with the security fixes as well as camera improvements, says HTC's VP of Product Management Mo Versi.

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[Update: Winner] Win An HTC One A9 From AT&T And Android Police

It's officially the Christmas season, and you know what that means: holiday meals with family, fruit cake, and terrible gifts. I mean, there are probably (hopefully?) going to be some good gifts, too, but there will almost definitely be some terrible ones. Whether it's that out-of-touch aunt who thinks you're still 12, or that one relative who always buys you something even though they know nothing about you, there will definitely be some crap gifts this holiday season. I can't wait.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future.

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HTC: Unlocked One M9 Will Get Marshmallow Before Year's End, Same For One A9's Android 6.0.1 Update

HTC VP Mo Versi took to Twitter this morning to inform owners of the company's plans for the One M9's Marshmallow update, as well as the all-new A9's incoming bump to Android 6.0.1 (it ships with 6.0). Specifically, both devices can expect their respective software upgrades some time this month if all goes according to plan.

The unlocked One M8 is already getting Marshmallow, so while it is a bit odd that the newer M9 will be getting it later, at least it won't be that much later.

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HTC Releases Marshmallow Kernel Source Files For The AT&T One A9 And The One M8 GPE

HTC started releasing its Marshmallow kernel source files for its latest smartphone, the One A9, a few weeks ago. Back then, the list included a few European and Arabic variants of the device, but no American model. Now the US AT&T One A9's kernel source has also been uploaded to the HTC Developer Center. Unlike the other models, the file weighs at a relatively smaller 179MB.

Joining it are the Marhsmallow kernel source files for the One M8 Google Play Edition, which got its update to Android 6.0 almost a month ago. That file is 196MB.


Custom ROM developers and modders who want to tinker with these devices can now do so more easily.

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HTC Releases Its First Marshmallow Kernel Source Files, For The One A9

The HTC One A9 is making its way to various parts of the globe, so now the company is pushing out open source kernel files. Over at the HTC developer center, you can find downloads for models released in Austria, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and Arabic-speaking nations.


The size comes in at 205MB regardless of which model you select. No US models are up. There's no code for Google Play Edition devices either, even though the HTC One M8 has already received its Marshmallow update.

As this code continues to roll out, it will help ROM makers and developers looking to replace HTC's relatively stock build of Android with something more customizable.

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HTC Pushes US One A9 Pre-Order Shipments Back By Up To Several Weeks, Delays Verizon Compatibility Indefinitely

While the A9 is indeed a pretty good phone, there's no doubt HTC's bungled the launch of the device a bit. First, the whole promotional pricing thing (and the 2GB/16GB variant abroad being so damn expensive), and now? A pre-order shipment delay for those who did choose to buy one. We're hearing from US readers that HTC has sent out the following email, pushing back shipment of the initially available colors until next Tuesday, November 10th, at the earliest. Some customers, though, will be waiting much longer than that - especially if you ordered a Sprint variant.

In addition, HTC has now delayed Verizon network compatibility for the One A9 indefinitely.

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HTC One A9 Officially Available At Sprint And AT&T Stores Today, But Sprint Wants $700 For It Because They're Idiots

While online sales of the HTC One A9, including carrier pre-orders, have been going on some time now, today it is now in actual, physical stores. AT&T and Sprint ones.

Pre-orders should begin shipping today for carrier variants and unlocked devices alike, too. But if you want to see a One A9 in person - and it's a pretty good phone - you can now do that, at least in America. There's no word on when T-Mobile's version is coming, exactly. The unlocked edition of the phone will get Verizon compatibility at a later date.

Edit: This article previously stated that there would be a T-Mobile A9.

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