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The 11 most bizarre, cringey, and weird smartphone commercials of all time

It can be hard for something as anonymous looking as a smartphone to stand out in the world. So, when coming up with ways to advertise and market their wares, manufacturers of these products often try to get... creative. Sometimes, they get far, far too creative, and hilarity ensues. While some of their biggest snafus may be indefinitely lost, we have 11 smartphones commercials and promo videos that we think are the absolutely cringiest, most bizarre, and generally weird ever to be created (and, frequently, the targets of later attempted destruction by their creators — so, thanks, random YouTube re-uploaders).

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HTC unveils mid-range U20 5G and Desire 20 Pro with massive batteries and quad cams

Sure, HTC doesn’t run a booming smartphone business anymore, but its sporadic efforts remind us the company's not quite done for good. In line with its plan to introduce its first 5G phone this year and a recent teaser, the Taiwanese brand has just unveiled a pair of mid-rangers with lot in common, from their battery sizes to the camera count: the U20 5G and Desire 20 Pro.

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HTC announces event for June 16, possibly introducing the Desire 20 Pro

HTC isn't quite dead yet, but the company has seemingly given up on releasing flagship phones. HTC's last high-end device was 2018's Exodus 1, which itself was a slightly-tweaked HTC U12+, but there have been a handful of Desire and Wildfire-branded budget phones released since then. Now it seems yet another mid-range phone is on the way, and it looks like the company is set to announce it June 16.

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Android history: 10 of the most influential and important Android devices

Android's been around quite a while at this point (Google's Android turned 12 last year), and even Android phones have been around well over a decade now. And while obviously hardware like the HTC Hero matters in terms of where the platform got its start, and ones like the original Moto DROID mark its real entry into the marketplace in a big way, we think there are phones (and even A tablet) that are less remembered or less appreciated for their impact on the larger ecosystem.

After, when's the last time you thought of the Galaxy S2, or the HTC One M7?

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HTC U Ear looks like a shameless AirPod clone no one asked for

For a company that's been on a years-long downhill toboggan, HTC still has hopes of playing catch-up in 2020. There's a 5G phone in the works, we're tracking another entry in the budget-minded Desire series, and now, for some reason, we're looking at some AirPod clones.

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LineageOS ROM releases first builds based on Android 10 (Update: Builds are back)

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM in existence, and the project prides itself on bringing newer versions of Android to unsupported devices. However, Lineage has been a bit slow to roll out a version based on Android 10 ⁠— the Pie-based ROM was already available by this time last year. Thankfully, the next major version of LineageOS seems to be just around the corner.

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HTC says it will release a 5G phone this year

HTC hasn't released a new flagship smartphone since the poorly-designed U12+ in mid-2018, and the company's most recent budget device was last year's Exodus 1s (which shipped with Android Oreo). HTC doesn't seem to be done with phones quite yet, as it plans to produce a 5G device sometime this year.

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HTC's site down for many, Elevate program in doubt (Update: Site fixed, Elevate dead)


HTC U11 finally gets Pie, only half a year later than the mid-range U11 Life (Update: Finally rolling out on Sprint)

Earlier this month, HTC tweeted that its U11, U11+, and U12+ phones would be getting updated to Android 9 Pie this spring, beginning with the U11 before the end of May. The manufacturer is making good on its word, as Pie has starting hitting U11 devices — months after it landed on the cheaper U11 Life.

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HTC reveals €219 Exodus 1s cryptocurrency phone with... Android Oreo

There hasn't been much news from HTC about new phones this year, besides some budget models. The company did confirm earlier this year that it would develop a new version of its 'Exodus' blockchain phone, which was itself a slightly-modified U12+. That new device is finally real, and it's... something.

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