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Survive an alien planet in Risk of Rain 2, coming soon to Google Stadia

One of the most hyped indie game launches lately has been Risk of Rain 2, which arrived on PC and console platforms last year as Early Access, and crossed the development finish line last month. The title is now coming to Google Stadia, complete with a new stage that will be a timed exclusive.

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Apple establishes ridiculous requirements for Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming on iOS

Apple's draconian App Store policies have been criticized time and time again, and most recently, they led to a lawsuit by Epic Games. The company also recently blocked game streaming services like Google Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming from entering the App Store. Apple has now updated its policies to allow game streaming services, but only if they go through many hoops.

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All the games on Google Stadia (Update: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number)

Google's cloud gaming service, Stadia, begins trialing on November 19 — you'll need to buy a $130 Founder's Edition kit to get access — and is expected to expand to the general audience sometime in 2020. So far, 30 games have been announced for the early roster and we expect more of them to pop up as we go along this year. It can be a little hard to keep track of things, so we've got you covered with a handy list of all the titles that have been announced for Stadia.

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Scott Pilgrim is finally back and coming to Stadia — plus an exclusive early demo of Immortals Fenyx Rising

Google had a hard time convincing both developers and the gaming community about Stadia's staying power when it launched last year, but things seem to be holding steady. The cloud gaming service has continued to implement new features and debut new games every month. Now we've learned about more upcoming titles set to land on Stadia, including the long-awaited return of Scott Pilgrim.

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Get a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle with a controller and Chromecast Ultra for $90 ($10 off)

You technically don't have to buy any hardware to start playing Stadia: you can use a mouse and keyboard on a desktop or laptop, and even touch controls on mobile. But to get the best TV experience, you'll need both a Chromecast Ultra and a first-party Stadia controller. If that's an upgrade you've been considering, now's a good time: the Premiere Edition bundle that includes both is $10 off on the Google Store.

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The Crew 2 will be free to play for Stadia Pro subscribers this weekend

Google kicked off Stadia's Free Play Days program last month with an event that let Pro subscribers play looter-shooter Borderlands 3 free for four days. Later this week, subscribers can enjoy limited-time access to open-world racing title The Crew 2, free of charge.

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Marvel's Avengers: Deluxe Edition is available on Stadia right now

Crystal Dynamics's superhero action-adventure title Marvel's Avengers is available on Stadia right now. Well, the Deluxe Edition is, at least — it'll run you $79.99. Your extra 20 bucks gets you access to the game several days early, plus a fancy black-and-gold costume for each playable hero. The standard edition will be available Friday, September 4.

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Hitman, Hello Neighbor, more coming to Stadia Pro in September

Everybody assumed Stadia Pro would follow the 2-game-per-month standard set by XBox Live and Playstation Plus, but things have ramped up quite a bit in the last few months. Four titles were added for subscribers in the beginning of August, and then a surprise fifth game landed a couple weeks later. Now September is coming in hot with six titles to claim.

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Spiritfarer joins Stadia, and PGA Tour 2K21 is available again after a buggy launch

Back in March, DOOM 2016 was one of AP's most-wanted games for Stadia, and surprise surprise, Google has released the shooter on Stadia as of this morning (8/18/20) along with Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the sequel to Superhot. You can snag DOOM 2016 for $19.99, which is the same price as the Steam version, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete is currently available at a discount at $17.49 (or $14.99 if you're a Pro subscriber).

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Baldur's Gate 3 enters early access for Stadia and PC on Sept. 30

Larian Studios has revealed during a recent livestream that its upcoming RPG Baldur's Gate III will enter into early access on September 30th on both Stadia and PC (Steam). This livestream was called Panel From Hell and is about an hour and a half long, so goes into excruciating detail of what's to be expected in the first chapter of the planned early access release. So we now know that there will be five playable Origin characters to choose from during early access, such as Astarion (Elf/Vampire Rogue), Gale (Human Wizard), Lae’zel (Githyanki Warrior), Shadowheart (Half-Elf Cleric), and Wyll (Human Warlock).

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