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CES 2018 wrap-up: Even more things to connect to Assistant

Two of the big trends at CES 2018 were AI and smart home stuff. The former was actually a major buzzword, and it became so overused that I stopped caring (thanks, Huawei/Honor). However, the smart home ecosystem continues to thrive and we saw a ton of new products that are launching with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This post will focus on Assistant; you can expect the Alexa wrap-up a little bit later.

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The LG ThinQ View WK9 is the company's new Google Assistant smart display

The new Google Assistant smart displays keep trickling in. Shortly after the announcement of Assistant coming to display-endowed speakers, we discovered the Lenovo Smart Display then we learned about the JBL Link View. Now we have the third device of its kind, the LG ThinQ WK9 (could also be called the ThinQ View).

Details are really sparse, even sparser than the JBL ones. We know it will look like this, it will have an 8" touch display and front-facing camera, and the audio is tuned by Meridian Audio.

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JBL Link View is the second Google Assistant smart display with 2 x 10W speakers

After months of speculations on Cody's part, the Assistant devices known under the "Quartz" codename were announced yesterday as smart displays and Lenovo unveiled the first one of the range. Google said that other companies were on board too, like LG and Sony, but another one is now also known: it's the JBL Link View.

JBL already has a few Google Assistant speakers in the Link portfolio, and the View is joining them with not only 2 x 10 W speakers and a passive radiator, but also an 8" touchscreen display that can show all the Assistant interactions like weather, calendar, cooking and recipes, as well as stream YouTube videos and make Duo video calls (there's a 5MP cam on the front).

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Lenovo shows off the first Google Assistant smart display, will go on sale this summer

Earlier today, Google announced that Assistant is coming to 'smart screens.' JBL, Lenovo, LG, and Sony are all making smart screens with Assistant, but Lenovo's is the first one to make it out of the gate. As you might expect, it's basically an Echo Show, but running Google Assistant instead of Alexa.

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Google Assistant is coming to smart displays

Amazon stumbled upon a good idea when it launched the Echo Show last year. Even though it's just an Echo speaker with a screen (and despite the YouTube functionality being removed), it has enjoyed moderate success and currently sits a 4.5-star average rating on Amazon. Now Google has unveiled its competitor - Google Assistant for smart screens.

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