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Google Assistant will soon have more interactive visual content on Android and smart displays

Google Assistant smart displays are (in their current form) smart speakers with some level of visual feedback. Asking for the weather shows you the forecast for the week, asking for the news can show a video news briefing, and so on. There are only a handful of interactive smart display experiences right now (like step-by-step cooking), but now Google is giving developers the tools they need to create them.

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Nest Hub Max lands at the FCC, likely to be announced today

For the past couple of years, Google I/O has been devoid of any hardware announcements, leaving all of Google's new gadget introduction until the Pixel event in October. But 2019 is promising to be different: we know the new Pixel 3a will be introduced today, but it won't likely be the only new device on show. The rumored Nest Hub Max might make an appearance as well.

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[Update: Pre-orders live in Germany too] Assistant on Smart Displays speaks French and German, as Lenovo launches its display in France

Assistant-enabled smart displays came out about a year ago, but they could exclusively speak English until they learned Canadian French recently. Because of this dialect limitation, the devices have only been available for sale in the US, UK, and Australia. However, newly added support for French and German means they are coming to Europe as well.

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Rakuten members can get a Google Home Hub for just $85 ($45 off)

Google may be working on a larger Hub, but not everything requires a big screen. If you don't care to make video calls, the seven-inch Google Home Hub can likely fulfill all your smart display needs. It's going for $130 just about everywhere lately, but right now, you can grab one in either chalk or charcoal for just $85 at Rakuten.

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Google Home Hub may launch in Canada soon, as Smart Displays add French Canadian support

In the past couple of years, Google has only added new language support for Assistant on a product when that particular product went officially on sale in the dialect's corresponding country. For example, the Home speakers began speaking Italian a few days before they launched on the Store in Italy, same for Spanish and Spain/Mexico, Chinese and Taiwan, etc... you get the gist. So upon seeing that Smart Displays can now speak French Canadian, it's easy to extrapolate that the Home Hub may soon be coming to Canada.

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Your Smart Display lets you control individual speaker volumes in a group

One of the joys of having a few smart speakers around the house is being able to play music in all the rooms simultaneously, in sync, and without a complicated wired setup. But controlling volume levels across the house isn't easy, especially when you're in the kitchen and you can hear the bedroom speaker blasting super loudly and drowning out everything else. If you have a Smart Display, you can now control individual speaker volumes as well as group volume with a neat dedicated interface.

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Lenovo Smart Display R6 update completes Interpreter Mode deployment, not much else

The Lenovo Smart Display family of devices is now receiving the R6 software update, according to the company forums. While some users have been on R6 since last week, this is a wider roll-out, so all devices should receive the update in the coming days.

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Grab a Lenovo Smart Display for as low as $85 ($115 off)

Lenovo was the first to hit Android Things smart display scene with the aptly-named Lenovo Smart Display. The eight- or 10-inch device isn't an awkward freshman attempt, either; the company kind of hit it out of the park. We've seen it on sale a lot lately, but this deal here is the best one yet. You can get the smaller version for just $85, or the larger for $127, with a coupon code on Rakuten.

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10" Lenovo Smart Display discounted to $150 ($100 off) at multiple retailers, 8" model down to $100 ($100 off)

Lenovo's Smart Display has been discounted quite often as of late, but the deals are often restricted to members of a certain store or are only available in limited quantities. Several retailers are currently offering the 10" model for $149.99 and the 8" model for $99.99, meaning that both have had their prices cut by $100.

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Hurry: Lenovo 10" Smart Display is just $99 (60% off) in-store at some Walmart locations

The larger 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display is currently marked down to $99 at certain Walmart stores. That's down from an original price of $250 and is a whole $51 lower than last week's $150 deal at Costco. While the Walmart website still lists it at $180, BrickSeek shows the discounted price. About half the locations around me show availability at $99, with units in stock. This deal may not last too long, though, so you'll want to rush to the nearest Walmart if you're interested in getting one.

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