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Google's 2020 smartphone strategy is a mess, and I'm trying to untangle it

Based on what we know from a 9to5Google report this morning, the Google Pixel smartphone lineup is about to get very strange. In summary, we now expect three phones: a Pixel 4a, a Pixel 4a 5G, and a Pixel 5. Out of the picture are a defunct Pixel 4a XL and a never-actually-appeared-anywhere Pixel 5 XL. This strategy is deeply bewildering on a number of levels, and in my view feels like a combination of COVID-induced supply chain anarchy and a reaction to Apple's continued diversification of the iPhone lineup. The former is, frankly, boring: it just means the phones will be delayed and probably come in fewer configurations.

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Leak suggests Google's 2020 Pixel lineup is about to get weird

Google's smartphone plans for this year are still vague, even though the Pixel 3a has already been discontinued. We already know quite a bit about the Pixel 4a, but more details have emerged about Google's 2020 Pixels, thanks to an app teardown conducted by 9to5Google.

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Google Pixel 4a: Everything you should know about the phone (except the release date)

In the Android enthusiast bubble, the Pixel 4a is one of the most hotly anticipated devices of 2020. The previous Pixel 3a won our phone of the year award, and both hopes and concerns are high when it comes to the follow-up. At this point, we know almost everything about the phone, from specs and benchmarks to the bump in base storage and a potentially reduced price. But one detail remains unknown: When will the phone come out? With the Pixel 4a finally making an appearance at the FCC, we may not have too much longer to wait.

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FCC shares Pixel 4a certification docs, in case Google ever decides to release the damn thing

We were all expecting the Pixel 4a to be a thing by now, but 2020 has derailed everyone's plans. Google submitted the Pixel 4a to the FCC a while back, and now that filing is available for all to see. Admittedly, there's not a lot to see, but we'll take what we can get at this point.

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The Pixel 4a has already lost to the iPhone SE

Apple launched brand-new iPhone SE this spring, and it's already been pitted against the expected Pixel 4a as the budget smartphone war of the year. But it's a war I think Google has already lost. With the Pixel 4a nowhere in sight, the iPhone SE continues to win praise from critics, is selling well, and no major flaws or issues have emerged. With Google not expected to launch the Pixel 4a until later this summer, I think the budget phone battle ended before it even had a chance to begin.

Let's take the two side by side. First, you've got the iPhone SE: a 4.7-inch display, a single 12MP rear camera, "iPhone 8"-ish battery life (so, totally fine), 64GB of storage, the powerful A13 Bionic processor, gigabit LTE with dual SIM (via eSIM), Touch ID, no headphone jack, IP67 water resistance, 18W fast wired charging, and wireless charging.

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Verizon mentions Pixel 4a in a software update changelog as if anyone actually had one

We're all waiting for official word from Google when it comes to the upcoming Pixel 4a, but not everyone seems to have received the memo that you can't actually get one yet. Verizon just casually mentioned the Pixel 4a in an update changelog for the Pixel 3 XL regarding the latest feature drop.

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Renders reveal that the canned Pixel 4a XL would’ve had two cameras

All rumors suggest that Google will only release the Pixel 4a in one size, even though there is some evidence that the company initially also worked on an XL model. Some CAD renders of this phone that should not be have now been leaked by Pigtou and @xleaks7, showing what that handset would've looked like. Spoiler alert: It's just a bigger Pixel 4a, with the exception of dual cameras on the back.

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Pixel 4a will drop squeeze-for-Assistant Active Edge feature from previous Pixels

Google's Pixel 4a looks set to skip one feature that previous phones have included. The so-called Active Edge functionality, which allowed you to squeeze the phone to activate the Google Assistant, won't be present on the Pixel 4a — a detail that's been confirmed in the pre-release hardware Julio Lusson managed to get his hands on.

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Download the Pixel 4a's (really weird) leaked wallpapers

The Pixel 4a still isn't out yet, but already the wallpapers it is expected to ship with have been pulled from the phone obtained by Cuban YouTube channel TechnoLike Plus. Published just earlier today by XDA Developers, they're all pretty wild, embracing the hole-punch camera with Google's usual bright colors and some fanciful designs.

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Leaked Pixel 4a benchmarks show significant performance gains over last year's Pixel 3a

The most substantial Pixel 4a leak we've seen so far came in the form of a video review from Cuban site TechnoLike Plus, and the same source has released a new video on YouTube with performance benchmarks. Thankfully, the 4a compares favorably with the 3a and other recent Pixels, so we can expect a solid experience when the new phone eventually launches.

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