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YouTube TV wants you to gift your friends a two-week free trial

YouTube TV’s recent availability on Fire TV has already expanded the app's reach to many more potential customers, but Google obviously doesn’t want to stop there. The company is getting a bit generous ahead of the festive season by extending the service’s free trial period from the usual five days, hoping to gain new paid subscribers in the process.

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You can now see which of your contacts are often on Duo before calling them

Hot on the heels of implementing a dark mode with v63, a new version of Google Duo is rolling out now with a few minor changes. Chief among them is the ability to see which contacts are most active on the platform before calling them or sending them a message.

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Volvo XC40 will be one of the first cars to run Android Automotive

Google has been working on the native version of Android for cars, Android Automotive, for years. After Volvo offered us a first look at the operating system on its all-electric Polestar 2 back in May, the car manufacturer is now ready to deploy Automotive to another upcoming EV. The company has announced that the XC40 will run Android, too.

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Google Home app adds proper sprinkler icons and controls

Earlier in April, the Google Assistant gained a new ability to natively control smart sprinkler and pipe leak detector products from Rachio, Rain Bird, LeakSmart, and Flo by Moen. However, until now, sprinklers didn't properly display inside the Google Home app and couldn't be controlled from it. That's been addressed now.

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Issa Rae is Google Assistant's second celebrity voice cameo

Google finally released its John Legend Assistant voice in spring 2019, which was almost a year after it first teased the capability. Now, Google is preparing a second celebrity voice cameo, none other than actress and web video producer Issa Rae. This option rolls out today, but not for everyone.

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[Update: Google teaser] Dark mode signs show up in Google Maps

Over the past months, we've seen most of Google's prominent — and not-so-prominent — apps get updated with dark mode support. One holdout has stuck to its guns though: Maps. The app already has a user-configurable dark theme while navigating, but the rest of the interface remains white. Now, glimpses of a dark mode have popped up in Maps, hopefully hinting at a close release of the theme.

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What to expect at Google's October 15 Pixel launch event

We're just a week out from Google's October 15th hardware event, at which the company is expected to announce a pile of products, including the much-leaked Pixel 4. But there will be more to the next Made by Google event than just a new phone, plenty of other hardware (and software) is expected to land. Let's work through the list so that you know what to expect.

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Pixel 4 roundup: Release date, rumors, pricing, features, and more

Google's Pixel 4 and 4 XL are anticipated to be revealed in just a few days, not that there's too much left for the company to show us. Leaks for the upcoming pair of phones have been rampant, and there probably aren't many mysteries left. With all these details floating around, we've assembled the info we have right now into a list that's easy to parse in a convenient question-and-answer format.

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Google Fit took its sweet time to hit 50 million downloads on the Play Store

2014 feels like forever ago. October 28, 2014 is when Google launched the Google Fit app and now, four years, 11 months and counting, the app has finally hit 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

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Chrome Beta on desktop lets you send phone numbers to your phone

Google has only recently introduced a feature that lets you share links between your desktop and your phone. Now the company is testing a similar function for phone numbers in Chrome Beta v78. When you click a hyperlinked phone number or highlight and right-click any other number on your desktop, you can choose to call it right from your phone.

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