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[Deal Alert] Google Store back to school sale kicks off with Pixel, Home, OnHub, and other discounts

Summer is about halfway done, and since time immemorial that's meant at least one thing: back to school sales have begun. The Google Store is no different from other retailers in that regard, and starting today you can pick up a Pixel with a free Daydream View starting at $524 (up to $200 off, a crazy value), a Google Home for $109 ($20 off), either OnHub router for $99 ($30 off), the LG Watch Style for $199 ($50 off), and a free Chromecast Audio with a Google Wifi 3-pack. It's at least possible that little Johnny's grades will be improved by your new phone, right?

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[Deal Alert] Google Store drops the ASUS OnHub to $129 ($70 off) and the TP-LINK OnHub to $145 ($54 off)

You may recall when Google released the first OnHub router, manufactured by TP-LINK, back in 2015. Then a year later, the Google Wifi was introduced, replacing the entire OnHub product line. Perhaps in an effort to clear warehouse space, Google has discounted the ASUS OnHub to $129 ($70 off) and $145 ($54 off).

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[Update: Root cause] Google OnHub and Wifi units are randomly dying on people, requiring factory resets

Something strange has begun happening to many of Google's OnHub and Wifi routers. The units are refusing to broadcast WiFi signal, and are requiring factory resets to function properly again. Many people refuse to use OnHubs or Wifis because Google has too much control over them, and it seems like they'll have a little more ammunition to use in arguments against these cloud-connected devices now.

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[Deal Alert] Get an ASUS OnHub router for $100 ($92 off)

After the flurry of activity in the last few weeks, deal alerts seem few and far between these days. I am always thankful to see sales on toys and gadgets, especially when they include crucial items that bring all of the things together, like routers. If you're looking to boost your home network setup, then Best Buy has a deal for you. You can get the Asus OnHub router for $99.99, a huge savings of $92.

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Google acknowledges data count bug with OnHub/Google WiFi mesh networks

Modern routers can do some cool things, especially if you're using the new Google WiFi mesh routers. They can cover your home in a healthy glow of electromagnetic waves, intelligently connect to devices, and keep track of your data usage. However, linking Google WiFi with an OnHub can result in some weird data usage stats. Google now says it's aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

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[Update: Amazon Too] [Deal Alert] Grab The ASUS OnHub For $149.99 From Best Buy ($50 Off)

Psssssst. You, yeah you. I know you're waiting for Google I/O to start and you're impatiently twiddling your thumb, unlocking and relocking your phone to see if YouTube is about to notify you of the livestream, and maybe staring at your Android Wear watch every two minutes to see what time it is. I've got something for you though: a deal on an ASUS OnHub.

What is that? This isn't as exciting as I/O?! How dare you? Seriously, how would you even watch I/O keynotes or read Android Police or download the latest N image if you don't have a nice router you can connect to the internet with?

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[Deal Alert] TP-Link OnHub On Sale For $179.87 ($20 Off) On Amazon [Update: Asus OnHub Too]

Need a router? Maybe you've found yourself with renewed interest in the OnHub now that Google has added a modicum of home automation functionality with IFTTT. It's still hard to justify the $200 price, but it's a little cheaper on Amazon today. The OnHub virtually never goes on sale, but it's about $20 off currently. That brings the price to $179.87.

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OnHub Supports Home Automation Via IFTTT After Latest Software Update

The OnHub has been out for more than six months now, and it hasn't evolved much beyond the basic router functionality. Google promised us smart home features, and now it's starting to happen. The latest OnHub update added support for IFTTT. The channel is already live for you to start crafting automation recipes, but your OnHub needs to be on firmware version 7978.51.0, which is rolling out now.

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Google Rolls Out OnHub Update (7834.55.0) With Network Check History And Automatic Band Steering

Google's OnHub router offers an easy setup process and cool app management, but it's still working on getting all the features people expect from a $200 router. For example, the USB port still doesn't do anything. There's a new update rolling out, and while it does not address the USB port situation, it does make tracking your speeds and getting devices on the right band easier.

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Google OnHub App Update Finally Allows Device Renaming And Opens Up Guest Wi-Fi

When Ryan reviewed the Google OnHub back in September of last year, one of his major complaints about the router's usage was the inability to rename devices, which created a messed up soup of unnamed and/or vaguely named devices in your list of connected hardware. That's about to change with the new update to Google On, the OnHub's companion Android app, which adds the ability to give custom names to all of your devices so you can tell which Samsung phone is which and what that no-name computer is.

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