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[Deal Alert] Grab A New Nexus 9 32GB For $350 On Ebay (27% Off Its Original Price)

Did you miss the HTC Hot Deals sale on the Nexus 9 tablet? Well, we've got the next best thing for you. The 32GB version of the tablet is now being sold on eBay for $349.99, down from its original price of $479. This amounts to a 27% discount, which is a little less drool-worthy than the 40% off that HTC was offering (where the tablet plummeted to $287.40), but still a great deal especially if you compare it to Amazon's $395.

The units are new and sold in their original unopened packaging. The seller says there's a limited quantity available, and there are 32 units already gone, so you may have to make a quick decision on this one.

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HTC Is Having A Big Sale In The US, Up To 50% Off The Nexus 9, One M9, Re Camera, And All Its Accessories

HTC is feeling generous today so it's running a Hot Deals promotion on most of its flagship devices and all of its accessories. The discounts range anywhere from 25% on the HTC One M9 (on contract) to 50% on the Re Camera and any accessory you want on its US store. Let's break them down.

For Nexus lovers, the Nexus 9 tablet is being discounted 40% in both of its WiFi variants. The 16GB is down from $399 to $239.40, and the 32GB is down from $479 to $287.40. If you do the math, you can get the 32GB for more than $100 less than what you'd normally pay for the 16GB version.

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[Deal Alert] Nexus 9 LTE Only $340 At Expansys USA, Down From Its Previous Already Low Sale Price Of $380

Last month Expansys USA was willing to sell you a Nexus 9 LTE for $380. That was and remains significantly less than the $600 the Google Store charges for the same device. At the time, it was also less than Amazon, but that company has since dropped its price down to $375.

So, why are we all gathered here around this blog post then? Because Expansys USA is now ready to sell you a Nexus 9, still with LTE, for just $340. That's $25 less than Amazon, and it's nearly half as much as what Google wants. Heck, it's cheaper than the official starting price of the 32GB Wi-Fi model.

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Google Announces Android M Developer Preview 2, System Images Up Now, OTA Coming Over The Next Few Days

It's time to fire up those M preview devices again—Google is in the process of rolling out the second M preview build today. The OTA should arrive on all supported Nexus devices that have the first M build in the next few days. If you're the impatient sort, you can grab the system images right now.

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[Deal Alert] Expansys USA Offers The 32GB Nexus 9 LTE For $380 With Free Shipping, $220 Off The Retail Price

There are some impressive alternatives to Google's flagship tablet, but if you want an AOSP-powered machine with a built-in LTE radio, you're hard pressed to find anything in the same weight class. The 32GB version of the Nexus 9 LTE goes for a whopping $600 on Google's online US storefront. Amazon is selling it for quite a bit less, but if you want a good deal, you can't beat Expansys USA.


Expansys is currently offering the LTE tablet for $379.99, a full $220 off of the retail price and $70 cheaper than Amazon. In fact, it's actually cheaper than the retail price on the 16GB Wi-Fi base model - that's still going for four hundred bucks at most locations.

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[Deal Alert] Google Drops Price Of Nexus 6 On Play Store By $150, Offers Nexus 9 With $50 Play Store Gift Card

If you're on the fence about a Nexus 6 or Nexus 9, Google's got a deal going this morning for both devices, though of different types. The Nexus 6 is $150 off on all models, bringing the 32GB version down to $499 and the 64GB to $549. The deal doesn't have a stated expiration, but "save $150" does seem to imply it's probably temporary, as part of a larger father's day promo.


The Nexus 9 gets a $50 Play Store gift card if you order one by June 23rd, though we've seen this deal more than once in the past.

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[Download] Android "M" Developer Preview Images Are Live Now For Nexus 5, 6, 9, And Player

Android "M" preview images for Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player are now live. Here are the direct download links.

If you run into problems during flashing like the dreaded "missing system.img" error, check out our article with instructions for doing a "dirty" flash (piece by piece) here.

Google has also announced that the "M" preview will be updated more regularly than L's, and specifically that updates will be issued over the air - no need to flash updates yourself. That will be very nice indeed.

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First-Person Puzzle Game The Talos Principle Comes To The SHIELD Tablet, SHIELD TV, And Nexus 9

This one's been waiting in the wings for quite a while. NVIDIA teased The Talos Principle, a puzzle game played out primarily in full first-person 3D, way back at the reveal of the SHIELD Tablet in July of 2014. After nearly a year of waiting (and the game's full release on the PC), it's now available exclusively for newer high-end Tegra-powered devices. According to the game's Play Store description, it's intended for the SHIELD Tablet, the Nexus 9 (equipped with a Tegra K1), and the upcoming SHIELD Android TV set-top box only. It uses either touchscreen controls or external controllers.

The Talos Principle is an introspective and somewhat philosophical puzzler created by Croteam, of all people - that's the developer of the over-the-top Serious Sam shooters.

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Google Uploads Android 5.1.1 Factory Image For The Nexus 9 LTE (LMY47X)

The Android 5.1.1 factory image for the Wi-Fi Nexus 9 came just over a week ago, and now it's the LTE-enabled model's turn. Google has posted a factory image that bumps the tablet up to version LMY47X.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 at 2.40.11 PM

This news comes at the same time that the Nexus 9 LTE is getting its OTA update. LTE versions of tablets tend to get updates after their Wi-Fi counterparts, but on the positive side, this wait was shorter than we've seen in the past.

Factory images provide people who have rooted or otherwise modified their devices with a way to get up to the latest version of Android.

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[Bug Watch] Android 5.1 Devices Show The Text String '@17041057' In Notifications With More Than 7 Items

Android is a complex, multifaceted beast with a lot of moving parts that can break. In the grand scheme of things, this bug isn't a huge deal. It doesn't affect functionality, but it sure is annoying. Here's the deal: get an expanded notification with more than 7 elements on Android 5.1, and you'll probably see a line at the bottom that says, "@17041057."


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