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[Yes, It's This Post] Get The Android N Preview Images For Nexus 5X, 6, 6P, 9, Player, And Pixel C Here

Preview images? What preview images? Oh, those ones. Yeah, we've got those. Check out the direct links for each Android N preview image download below (all devices shown except the General Mobile 4G, which will get images at a later date).

Warning: The Android system images are previews and are subject to change. Your use of the system images is governed by the Android SDK Preview License Agreement. The Android preview system images are not stable releases, and may contain errors and defects that can result in damage to your computer systems, devices, and data.
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Google Announces Android "N" Developer Preview: Available Today, Adds Multi-window, Improved Doze, And More

Did you expect to wake up to a new version of Android this morning? Probably not. But that's exactly what you're getting, and Google's letting the information fly fast and hard (... and in some cases, slightly before we expected) about the latest iteration of their mobile OS, at this time only known as "N." Like previous... previews... N doesn't have a version number or name yet, but it's chock-full of new features for users and developers alike, and the list of those features will grow as we near the final release. Let's break down the key facts.

  • Preview images: Android N preview images will be available today for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, General Mobile 4G (Android One), Nexus Player, Nexus 9, and Pixel C.
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PSA: Google Fixed A Factory Reset Protection Bypass Bug In The January Security Update

You might have seen some banter about a way to bypass factory reset protection (FRP) on Nexus devices recently—just like LG and Samsung. It's true that there was a way to get around factory reset protection from the setup wizard, but not anymore. Despite what a certain video seems to claim, Google actually patched FRP in the January security update.

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[Update: 6.0.1 Now Rolling Out] I'm On AT&T (Or Cricket / Straight Talk) And My Nexus 6 Isn't Getting Android 6.0 Or Other OTA Updates

Recently, we've had a spate of people emailing and contacting us via social media with complaints that their Nexus 6 on AT&T has not yet received an over-the-air update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is very annoying. Likely, even if you do wait long enough and get Android 6.0, you'll have the same problem with getting Android 6.0.1, or any subsequent update, too. In fact, this has been true of literally every OTA update for Nexus 6 devices on AT&T: they take abnormally long to receive them, AT&T branded or unlocked, versus other carriers in the US.

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[Deal Alert] Nexus 6 32GB/64GB Are Back In Stock On Amazon For $250/$300

The Nexus 6 is available on Amazon for $249.99/$299.99 for the 32GB and 64GB models respectively. This isn't a new deal, or a better price than what we posted a couple of weeks ago at the end of December, but the phone has been out of stock for the past several days.

I'm sure most of you have the Nexus 6's specs memorized by now, so I won't go into detail telling you about the device. Summary– it's a great big phone for a pretty small price that will give you access to lighting quick Android updates.

Both dark blue and white models are in stock, and as this is the US model, it is compatible with every major carrier in the US, just pop in the SIM card of your choosing.

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[Deal Alert] The 32GB Motorola Nexus 6 Is Just $250 On Amazon, $300 For 64GB Version

We've been seeing some fantastic prices on last year's Nexus phone leading up to and following the launch of the 2015 devices. This is almost the cheapest yet: $249.99 gets you the Nexus 6, which is still very much a powerful and desirable phone, from Amazon. This is a new device, with the stock 32GB of storage and either the blue or white color option, plus a standard warranty. It's a full $400 off of the retail price at which the Nexus 6 launched a little over a year ago.

If you need a little more storage, the 64GB model is also available at $299.99, though at the moment it's only being sold in the white version.

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[Update: Nexus 6] [Flash All The Things] Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Nexus And Android One OTA Roundup

Google is rolling out Android 6.0.1 with some tweaks to do-not-disturb, new LTE bands, and a ton of new emoji. Getting tired of waiting? You could wait for days (or weeks!) to get the OTA on your device the old-fashioned way, or you can just grab the ZIP files from the URLs below. We'll update with new OTA files as we find the URLs, so check back often if your device isn't listed yet.

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Android 6.0.1 Fixes The Annoying "Jumping" Behavior Of The Share Menu Caused By Direct Share Contacts

If you're on Android 6.0 and use the share menu regularly, you may have encountered a rather annoying issue with Android's Direct Share feature. The issue arises when the share dialog pops open and the direct share contacts don't load immediately. Instead, the UI loads, you go to tap what you want, and suddenly the direct share contacts appear and all the app share links get pushed down out of view. See the animations below for the Android 6.0 and 6.0.1 behaviors side by side - the broken version is on the left.


Left: Android 6.0 behavior. Right: Android 6.0.1 behavior.

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Google Has Stopped Selling The Nexus 6 In The Google Store

There are two new Nexus phones available now, and that means the Nexus 6 is yesterday's news. Google has been selling the Nexus 6 at a reduced price for a while, but now it's over. The Google Store now says "The Nexus 6 is no longer available for purchase." It's the end of a very, very big era.

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Tip: Android 6.0.1 Brings Double Tap Power To Launch Camera To Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013) And 9

Android 6.0.1's headline feature is a new set of emoji, but did you know it also adds a handy new camera launch mode to older Nexus devices? The Nexus 5X and 6P have had the double-tap power camera launch shortcut since they went on sale (and dropped a twist-to-launch gesture), but now the feature has trickled down to older Nexus models. Specifically, the Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013) and 9 now all support it as of Android 6.0.1.



We're still looking at the 6.0.1 update to see if we can spot anything else that looks new, but our readers found this one, so thanks to everyone who confirmed its functionality in the comments on the 6.0.1 factory image post!

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