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The last update to Google's Phone app may be linked to Bluetooth calling issues

Google regularly rolls out updates to the dialer app on its phones via the Play Store. In the most recent update, the changelog claims "bug fixes," but many users are reporting it introduced a new bug. Dozens of reviews on the Play Store say the February 10th update broke Bluetooth calling.

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Android 7.1.1 will be the end of the line for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 - no 7.1.2 updates seemingly planned

Google's blog post announcing Android 7.1.2 today came with some implicit news for owners of the Nexus 6 and 9, but they probably could have seen it coming: this is the end of the line. Both devices are not included in Google's "final release" list for 7.1.2.

We're expecting to launch the final release of the Android 7.1.2 in just a couple of months, Like the beta, it will be available for for Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, and Pixel C devices.

Google generally doesn't comment on specifically which updates will EOL a given device, but both the 6 and 9 are past the end of the support windows published by Google - October 2016.

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Android 7.1.1 image and OTA files finally available for the Nexus 6

Google's shiny new Pixel phones and the slightly older Nexus 5X and 6P, and the Pixel C tablet have had access to the latest and most tasty flavor of Nougat for a month now, but the Nexus 6 (from 2014, if we're keeping score) has been puttering along on the more outdated 7.0 build. As promised, the 7.1.1 update is now available for Nexus 6 owners in both full system image and over-the-air update form - though of course, it may be a while before you see the actual OTA roll out to your phone.

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Official Android 7.1.1 update will come to the Nexus 6 in early January

The Nexus 6 is the oldest still-supported Nexus device, after the beloved Nexus 5 was denied an official update to Android 7.0. Although the N6 did receive 7.0, users have been not-so-patiently awaiting Android 7.1.1. Google has been relatively quiet about the reason for the delay, but in response to our query, issued the below statement:

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Google marks "bug" report about night mode being removed from Nexuses as "FutureRelease," implications unclear

After having it removed in favor of the Pixel-only (for now) Night light feature in Android 7.1, Nexus fans have been a bit upset that the screen tinting Night Mode option was axed from their handsets. While only implemented as part of Google's experiment test zone, the system UI tuner, Night Mode struck a chord for a number of reasons (which aren't worth getting into here), and taking it away had Nexus owners a bit, well, cranky. Enough so that people have been submitting the feature's sudden absence in Android 7.1 as a bug. (Technically, Night Mode was removed in the later 7.0 developer previews, but if you didn't wipe your handset, the quick settings tile to enable it didn't go away for quite some time after that, and an app later was still able to access it via a simple workaround.)

One of those bug threads on the Google issue tracker has now been marked as 'FutureRelease' by a Googler.

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November's Nexus/Pixel factory images and OTA files are now available for download [Update]

Google's monthly Android patches are live, and it's a momentous occasion this time. This is the first cycle that the Pixel and Pixel XL are included in the lineup. In addition to the security patches, which can be read about in the security bulletin, this update should enable Daydream VR support on the Pixel phones. You can either wait for the update, or do it manually.

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[Finally] Nexus 6 gets official Android 7.0 Nougat with October 5th security patch

Ever since the Nougat update officially debuted for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 9 WiFi, and several other Google devices, Nexus 6 owners have been left hung out to dry with their mere Android N Developer Previews. A short while after that, Google informed us that the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 LTE Nougat updates would be rolling out "in the coming weeks." Well, it's been three weeks since that statement, and Android 7.0 Nougat is finally rolling out to Nexus 6 owners.

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Google is rolling out October security patches, still no Nougat for the Nexus 6 [Update: Nexus 6 Nougat]

It's that time of the month—the new Android security patches are heading out to Nexus and Pixel devices. The OTA will show up on its own soon enough, but if that's not actually soon enough, the OTAs or images can be downloaded from Google's developer page right now.

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Video: Taking a look at the Nexus 6, two years later

Would it surprise you to know I've only ever owned three of Google's Nexus phones? I bought the Nexus One for AT&T back in 2010, received a Nexus 5 as a holiday bonus from Artem (he gave one to everybody on the team) in 2013, and bought an AT&T Nexus 6 in 2014. While the Nexus One will always be the phone I remember as my first smartphone, it wasn't actually a great smartphone, and the Nexus 5 and I didn't really have much of a chance to connect / for me to by annoyed by it (I broke it a few months after receiving it).

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Video: Six years of Nexus - A Google phone history

As the Pixel phone announcement draws near, it seems that, if not going away entirely, Google's Nexus brand will at the very least be undergoing some major changes. Google intends to heavily market its Pixel phones if the last week is any indicator, meaning there really won't be much room for the Nexus phone program to exist in the same way it has in the last few years. Nexus may live on, but it will undoubtedly be in a capacity different from the more aspirational efforts we've seen Google make with it in devices like the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P.

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