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[Deal Alert] Woot Has New (Yes, New!) 32GB Nexus 5 Phones On Sale For $150, Today Only

Nexus phones tend to last a while, at least in terms of software - thank Google's spot as the gatekeeper of Android for that. I'm still using my Nexus 6, and will probably continue to do so when the 2016 models come in and it passes the two-year mark. The previous phone, LG's Nexus 5, is coming up on three years old, but it still has access to the latest version of Android with new security releases every month. It's still a great budget phone, especially for enthusiasts and developers.

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[Flash All The Things] May 2016 Marshmallow Nexus And Pixel C OTA Roundup

This month's Android security updates are rolling out, but they may be taking their time to get to your device. If you're too impatient, you can grab the full factory image and flash it or you can just download these smaller OTA files and sideload them. Here are the links you need and if you want to see the changelog before you head out, we've got you covered as well.

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[Deal Alert] $140 Will Buy You A Refurbished 32GB Nexus 5 (D820) Today On Daily Steals

Need a Nexus device on the cheap? Well, then you clicked on the right article. Daily Steals has refurbished 32GB Nexus 5's on sale in black for $140 and white for $160. Yeah, the phone did come out in 2013, and yeah the battery life is not great, but hey, it's still running the latest Android software and $140 is less than a fourth of what you'll pay for a Nexus 6P.

The model being sold by Daily Steals is the US D820 variant, meaning it's compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Standard shipping is free and will get you your (refurbished) device in 3-7 business days.

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[Update: Pixel C] [Flash All The Things] April 2016 Marshmallow Nexus OTA Roundup

The April Android updates are rolling out, but as usual, they are doing so in waves. If you don't want to wait, you can grab the OTA file and sideload it. Where can you find such a thing? We've got all the OTA links right below.

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References To "N Preview" In Nexus 5 Code Repository Do Not Suggest The Nexus 5 Will Get Android N

We've received quite a few emails in the last 24 hours excitedly pointing to the following tag in the Nexus 5's repository on the Android project as evidence Google plans to bring Android N to the phone. Specifically, there is a tag in the Nexus 5 repo called "android-n-preview-1" - which many are taking to be a signal that Google is actively developing Android N for the Nexus 5.

Unfortunately, such interpretations are not supported by the existence of this tag. As a result of the tools Google uses as part of building Android, pretty much any device that is currently supported (note that current support does not mean future support) by Google will generate tags for new versions of the operating system regardless of whether or not they'll actually get them.

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LG Says It Won't Release A Nexus Phone In 2016, But It Will Re-Release The 2nd Gen Watch Urbane

LG took a break from the Nexus program in 2014, then came roaring back in 2015 to release a sequel to the much-beloved Nexus 5. There won't be a followup to the Nexus 5X this year, at least not from LG. The company has said it needs to focus on its brand in 2016, not the Nexus program. Job one in tending to its brand is apparently to fix that watch problem.

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[Deal Alert] Get The 32GB Nexus 5 For A Mere $139.99 On eBay

The Nexus 5 was a watershed moment for the Nexus program. It was the first device from Google that didn't feel like it was making any extraordinary sacrifices in the name of value or openness. More than two years later, many people are still using the N5 (judging from AP site statistics). If you are not among them, you can pick up the venerable Nexus 5 on eBay today for just $139.99, which seems like a great deal.

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[Deal Alert] Daily Steals Again Selling The Refurbished 32GB Nexus 5, This Time For $159.99

I don't need to give you much background for this one. The Nexus 5 has been around since the fall of 2013. Folks who bought this device early have experienced KitKat, Lollipop, and now Marshmallow. This is the end of the line in terms of over-the-air updates, but with such solid internals, those who install a custom ROM will likely get quite a few more major Android releases out of this one.

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[Deal Alert] Refurb Nexus 5 $150/180 For 16/32 GB Model On Daily Steals

If you want frequent Android updates but don't have the cash to pick up a 5X or 6P, then the Nexus 5 may still be your best option. Right now you can buy a refurbished 16GB model for just $150 on Daily Steals. The 32GB model is also available for just $30 more.

Shipping is free and no tax is added to the sale price. Both black and white options are available in each capacity. If you want a different (notice I didn't say new?) Android phone, and have less than two bills to spend, there aren't many better options out there, especially for someone who enjoys rooting, flashing, and customizing their phone.

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[Update: Nexus 6] [Flash All The Things] Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Nexus And Android One OTA Roundup

Google is rolling out Android 6.0.1 with some tweaks to do-not-disturb, new LTE bands, and a ton of new emoji. Getting tired of waiting? You could wait for days (or weeks!) to get the OTA on your device the old-fashioned way, or you can just grab the ZIP files from the URLs below. We'll update with new OTA files as we find the URLs, so check back often if your device isn't listed yet.

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