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PSA: The Nexus 5 And Other Nexus Devices Ship With Voice Typing Disabled In Settings, Causing ICS-Style Popups

Have you noticed that sometimes your Nexus 5 reverts to the old Ice Cream Sandwich-style pop-up for voice dictation in some apps, as opposed to the less disruptive "endless dictation" on-the-keyboard style? You're not alone. Our fearless leader Artem found that his N5's microphone icon was missing from the default keyboard, and using contextual mic icons (in search boxes and other places) caused the aforesaid behavior. It was also affecting third-party keyboards like SwiftKey.

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Android 4.4 Includes Support For Battery Percentage In The Status Bar – It's Not Ideal, But Here's How To Enable It (No Root Needed)

Most Android devices and ROMs these days include some kind of support for displaying the battery percentage in the status bar, but not stock Android. For whatever reason, Google has neglected this very basic feature – until now. Android 4.4 on the Nexus 5 includes a battery percentage display option, but it's pretty buried and far from an ideal implementation.

percent-49 percent-39 percent-28

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Nexus 5 Review, Voltron-Style: Read Three Android Police Authors' Takes On The Latest Nexus


By: David

The Nexus 5 was perhaps the worst-kept secret in tech this year, but nonetheless, rumor and speculation built up a category 5 hypestorm around it - everything from the farfetched, like revolutionary camera tech and flexible displays, to the mundane-but-desirable, like a much larger battery or 3GB of RAM.

But now the Nexus 5 is finally here, and Google has, for the most part, built a very iterative product.

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T-Mobile Announces Launch Dates For Its Nexus 5 And Nexus 7, Is Now Accepting Pre-Orders For The Latter

Activating a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile is far from a difficult process, but if you missed out on the first wave of Nexus 5s on Google Play, T-Mobile will soon be ready to sell one to you themselves. The company is launching the latest Nexus handset on November 14th online, and they will introduce it in-stores a week later.

Rather than paying $349 for the phone on Google Play, T-Mobile customers can buy it for $41.99 down, followed by 24 monthly payments of $17.

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PSA: The 3G Indicator On Your Nexus 5 On Sprint May Be Lying To You Because Sprint Wants To Hide Its Crappy Network [Update]

Sprint's network has been undergoing a major reconstruction in the last year or so, but there are still some problems to be ironed out. Suspiciously, it has been Sprint's policy this whole time to pretend that the super-slow 1xRTT network doesn't exist. Instead, its devices just display 3G like everything is okay. The new Nexus 5 is apparently playing ball with Sprint too – if you're in a 1x zone, the phone will still read 3G.

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Sprint Launches The Nexus 5, LG G2, Galaxy S4 Mini, And Galaxy Mega 6.3 Today, With Mail-In Rebates Aplenty

Sprint is getting some significant updates to its smartphone lineup today: two high-end phones from LG and two mid-range phones from Samsung, in a variety of sizes from petite to freakin' huge, man. The Nexus 5 and G2 from LG, as well as the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega (6.3) from Samsung, are all available on the online store now. They should be in most retail stores soon (with a possible exception in the midwest and southeast), though the Nexus 5 will probably be scarce as usual.

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Sprint's Nexus 5 Pops Up On Amazon, Costs Just $49.99 With A New Two-Year Contract - But Is A Whopping $499.99 Without A Plan [Update: 449.99]

The Nexus 5 is a ground-breaking device. For Android fans, this is the first high-end handset that customers can buy unsubsidized and activate on all but one of the major American carriers. This isn't a big deal with AT&T and T-Mobile, as Nexus 4 buyers could already use their networks last year, but the addition of Sprint is reason to take notice. If they can do it, it stands to reason that so could Verizon.

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Report: The 'Google Experience' Launcher From The Nexus 5 Won't Come To Other Devices Any Time Soon

One of the more drool-worthy aspects of the software from the Nexus 5 (and not necessarily Android 4.4) is the homescreen and launcher, which includes a ton of new features tied directly into Google Now and Google Search. But you might want to curb your enthusiasm: according to a report from The Verge, Google isn't interested in expanding that launcher to other devices at the moment.

2013-11-05 19.58.32 2013-11-05 19.58.10 2013-11-05 19.57.29

Google tells us that the new Launcher on the Nexus 5 is exclusive to the phone — though the company may change its mind and offer it for the Nexus 4 and perhaps even put it on the Play store someday.

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Psst, LG, Google, The Nexus 5 Doesn't Have 802.11nc

It was understandable when early pre-release specs listed the Nexus 5 as having a fictional 802.11nc (as opposed to 802.11ac) Wi-Fi, which many definitely noticed at the time. After all, the Nexus 5 wasn't official yet, and something like that could have been a typo made by a PR person or an intern.

Then the Nexus 5 launched, and O2's and LG's official specs still said 802.11nc. Reluctantly, I decided to let it go, thinking someone would eventually notice and correct it.

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[Update: Fixed] Some Sprint Customers Are Having Trouble Activating The 32GB Nexus 5

The first batch of Nexus 5 phones reached many early customers yesterday, but many of those taking advantage of the phone's compatibility with the Sprint network are having serious issues getting the device connected. According to several tips, this XDA thread, and this Google Groups thread, incompatible IMEI/MEID numbers on the phones are causing the activation process to fail, and giving major headaches all around.

Update: Sprint reached out to us with word that this is no longer an issue.

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