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Google Home and Wifi will launch in Australia on July 20th

It's been nine months since Google Home launched in the US, but in that time, it was made available for purchase in only three other countries: Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. The story is much the same for Google Wifi, with only those three countries, along with Germany, deemed worthy enough to have it sold there. But in just a few days, our friends down under will be able to have Google Homes and Wifis of their very own.

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The open source GaleForce project lets you root Google Wifi

Google Wifi came out last year to join the increasingly competitive mesh router market. It has a competitive price compared to the competition, and we found the performance to be solid. It might be nice if it had a few more features, though, right? That's where the GaleForce project comes in. You can use GaleForce to tweak your Google Wifi and gain root access, but it's not for the faint of heart.

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[Deal Alert] Single Google Wifis for just $99.99 at Amazon ($30 off)

There haven't been many Google Wifi deals since the routers were released. For a long time, the price wasn't just constant, they were pretty hard to find. And, although the supply these days is better than it was, prices have also stayed pretty high. But that ends today, because right now you can pick up a single Google Wifi router for just $99.99 at Amazon. Three-packs are also at the same discount ($269.99 or $30 off). 

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[Update: Now available in France and Germany] Google Wifi may be coming to France on Monday

It isn't officially announced, but earlier today Google posted a teaser GIF about upcoming product availability on their French Google+ page. The meaning of the image wasn't entirely clear since it's just an animation of some buildings growing out of the ground, as a bubble in the center reflects waves around. However, since the filename was "Google Wifi #3.gif," I don't think it's too much of a stretch to make a guess.

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Google Wifi & OnHub update adds IPv6 support and other new features [APK Download]

If you're worried about things like IPv4 exhaustion, today is a good day. Google has just released an update for the Google Wifi app — and their Google Wifi and OnHub routers — that brings IPv6 support to the two networking devices. Other features in the new update include a warning when using the "Family Wi-Fi" feature to pause a connection on the current device, the ability to delete custom names, and a tool for benchmarking the speed of your mesh network.

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Google Wifi launches in Canada at $179 and $439

Google's Official Canada Blog has just announced that Google Wifi will be available in Canada as of today. Prices range from $179 for a single unit to $439 for a three-pack. It's currently available for purchase from the Google Store, as well as Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, and Walmart Canada. Although the shape may be familiar to our northern neighbors, I would like to make it clear this is a router.

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Some Google Wifis randomly stop working, turn solid blue

If your Google Wifi seems to be looking a bit blue these days — as in, the light is stuck blue — you might want to check to see if it's still actually functioning. The current build for it (9202.35.8) seems to be causing issues for some users.

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The Information: Google plans to release a Google Home with mesh networking

Ever since the release of the first Chromecast, Google has been working hard to establish a place in your home. Last year's $129 Google Home was a major release, but it seems like Google isn't stopping there. According to a report from The Information, Google is working on an upgraded version of the Home to compete with the Amazon Echo.

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Google Home and Wifi will launch in the UK on April 6 for £129 each

The Google Home and Google Wifi are about to land in a new country all across the ocean: the United Kingdom. After being exclusively available in the USA since their launch last year, both of Google's new gadgets will expand to their second official territory.

Google made the announcement today, focusing on everything you can do with the Home and Wifi, including asking questions, playing media, and controlling your home with the former and setting up mesh networks with the latter. It also said that it has been working with several partners in the UK to bring more local apps and services to the Home and Assistant.

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[Update: Root cause] Google OnHub and Wifi units are randomly dying on people, requiring factory resets

Something strange has begun happening to many of Google's OnHub and Wifi routers. The units are refusing to broadcast WiFi signal, and are requiring factory resets to function properly again. Many people refuse to use OnHubs or Wifis because Google has too much control over them, and it seems like they'll have a little more ammunition to use in arguments against these cloud-connected devices now.

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