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Get a Google Home Hub with a free Home Mini for just $79 from Rakuten with code

Since launch, we've seen progressively better and better sales on the Google Home Hub, the company's first-party Assistant smart display. But this deal over on Rakuten is definitely one of the best ones yet. Right now, with a coupon code, you can get a Home Hub and a Home Mini for just $79. That's pretty good.

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Limited ad-supported YouTube Music now free on Google Home

The Google Home and other Assistant-powered smart speakers already work with several major streaming services, including Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Deezer. Unlike Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora, YouTube didn't work at all if you didn't have a premium subscription until now.

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[Update: Norwegian added] Google Assistant is now your multilingual interpreter

During CES last month, Google announced its Home speakers and smart displays with Assistant would be capable of becoming virtual interpreters and translate live conversations between people speaking in different languages. The feature seems to be rolling out to the masses as an official support page has been set up, and several devices are now capable of translating discussions.

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Google Home gets Gentle Sleep & Wake feature for Hue lights

Most of the methods we use to wake ourselves in the morning are jarring and unpleasant, but Google Home might be able to help. Starting today, Home supports Gentle Sleep & Wake, a feature that integrates with Philips Hue smart lights. Just tell Google to enable this feature, and you can ease into the day in a more natural way.

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Philips Hue multicolor 4-bulb kit with Home Mini 2-pack is just $170 ($128 off) at Best Buy

Of the companies with skin in the smart lighting game, Philips' Hue brand is perhaps the most well-known and reputable. Best Buy is currently offering a Hue starter kit with four multicolor LED bulbs, with two Google Home Minis thrown in, for just $169.99 — an impressive $128 less than the regular price.

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[Update: Offer comes to UK] Spotify Premium for Family account holders can snag a free Google Home Mini starting November 1

Spotify has announced a new promotion for members with family accounts. Starting tomorrow, November 1, the master account holder on any Spotify Premium for Family plan in the United States can get a Google Home Mini for the low low price of zero dollars.

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Continued Conversation on Google Home works in UK English (and possibly more)

Continued Conversation lets you reply to Assistant after it answers you, without having to repeat "OK Google" every time. For instance, after asking it for the weather, you can respond to your smart speaker with another command such as "How about tomorrow?" Until recently, the feature only supported US English, but the company has now made it available to all English users.

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[Update: Working] Google Duo audio calls are coming to Home speakers

It's already been four months since Google unveiled its own smart display, the Home Hub. When it was discovered that the Home Hub would still be capable of Duo video calls despite not having a camera, Google reached out to let us know that the Home Hub also supports audio calls over Duo. As we had speculated back then, it looks like Duo audio calls will also be coming to Home speakers.

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Google Home Mini 2-pack with wall mounts is just $40 on Rakuten with coupon code

Given how frequently the Home Mini goes on sale or is put in a bundle, it seems like Google has a few too many of these on hand. This latest deal comes from BuyDig, which is offering two Home Minis, each with its own wall mount, for just $40 via Rakuten.

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[Update: Deal's back for another day] Hurry: Get a Google Home Hub and two Home Minis for $99

Over the past few days, Best Buy, Target, and a few other stores offered a Home Hub and two Home Minis at significant discounts. If you missed out on those, Adorama still has the package for just $99.

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