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Google Home's new Night Mode will keep it from yelling at you at 2 AM

One of the more annoying aspects of the Google Home (or any smart speaker, really) is the response volume is static. Unlike a normal person, it won't talk to you at the same volume you are speaking. If you were blasting music earlier in the day and you forgot to turn it down later, asking to turn off a lamp later could result in an ear-popping "OK, TURNING OFF THE LAMP!"

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[Update: Walmart says ships Oct 19] Google Home Mini shows ready to be set up for someone who lives near the Google campus

We've been hearing about the Google Home Mini for a couple of months now: first we revealed Google's plans to make a smaller Home then Droid-Life leaked the Mini's design and price. Now we have one more confirmation of the Mini's existence and look.

Raymond Durk, who lives two blocks away from the Google campus, spotted a new Google Home Mini ready to be set up in his Google Home app.

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Google Home Mini leaked in detail, expected to cost $49

Last year's Google Home was a pretty great product, and has only been made better through numerous software updates. Back in August, we shared that one of the products announced at Google's upcoming event would be a smaller Google Home. Now we know a good deal about the Home Mini, thanks to a recent leak from Droid Life.

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