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Google Assistant can tell you who's at the door with Nest Hello and Familiar Faces

Last month, Google's sister company Nest revealed a smart doorbell, the Nest Hello. It has a built-in camera with IR illumination, and is able to detect faces with Nest Cam IQ. Google is leveraging that feature with a new voice command for the Google Assistant.

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Nest camera support is coming to Google Home/Chromecast

Today's Google event isn't just about new Google-branded products. The company announced today that Nest cameras would have deeper integration with the Google Home and Chromecast.

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Google Home Mini is official, costs $49 and comes in chalk, charcoal, or coral

It's already been heavily leaked, so it didn't come as much of a surprise, but the Google Home Mini is now official. Announced at Google's big event today in San Francisco, the little speaker is inevitably going to be compared to a hockey puck in size and shape. It's a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Google Home smart speaker, costing just $49 compared to the $129 you can usually expect to pay for its bigger brother.

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Redesigned Google app UI could arrive with new Pixels, including bottom navigation bar and dedicated Lens button

The Google app and its feed, formerly Google Now, have been through a plethora of changes recently, and they could be about to see another redesign alongside the launch of the new Pixel phones. The whole interface looks like it's going to be tweaked, with more rounded corners on cards and new menu navigation.

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Google uploaded a pile of videos showing off how the Google Assistant works on headphones

The Google Help account uploaded three new videos a few days back, detailing exactly how to use the Google Assistant on devices like Bose's recently released QuietComfort 35 II. If you've been wondering how, exactly, the Google Assistant works in that type of environment, it actually looks reasonably intuitive. And either way, the videos are pretty short and worth a watch. 

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Bose's Google Assistant-optimized QuietComfort 35 II headphones are now official

It's been known for some time that Google was planning to release its own Google Assistant headphones (Bisto), and we also knew that third parties would be releasing headphones with similar functionality. Thanks to a couple of leaks, we knew that Bose would be launching the QuietComfort 35 II with the Assistant built-in, and today that news has been officially announced by both Google and Bose.

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"Hey Google, what's 6lb 4oz in kilograms?"

Google does a lot of things right, but sometimes, it's the most minute errors that we take notice of. Specifically, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Google Search seem to have some problems with rounding when converting from pounds/ounces to kilograms. And since Home actually speaks responses, it makes for one pretty funny video.

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[Hairy Buttholes] South Park takes on Google Home, Alexa, and Siri in its season opener

What do you get when you mix South Park's brand of seething humor, Cartman's childish behavior, and a slew of Google Homes and Amazon Echos? An episode full of big hairy balls and smelly tampon boogers being added to shopping lists, Simon says sentences about stinky poops, many more over the top juvenile jokes, all mixed with some social commentary on the loss of jobs due to automated assistants.

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[Update: Video leaked] Bose's forthcoming QuietComfort 35 II will be part of the "Bisto" family, support Google Assistant

Bose's QuietComfort 35 have been a huge hit in spite of its $349 MSRP. The headphones are comfortable, put out good sound, and the noise cancellation works very well. There's really no need for an imminent successor, but that's not how the tech industry works. The appropriately-named QuietComfort 35 II has been leaked with Google Assistant support, meaning that this is one of Google's "Bisto" headphones.

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Actions on Google is now available for the Australian Google Assistant

Third party apps and services have been able to connect with the Google Assistant in the States since late last year, through the Actions on Google platform. Compatibility with more languages and regions was promised, and a couple of months ago we got support for it here in the UK, too. Australia is next up. Starting today, developers and businesses down under can integrate their apps with the Google Assistant.

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