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[Smart] Setting a Google Assistant reminder or calendar event for "tomorrow" is interpreted differently before and after 5 AM

It's 1 AM and you're lying in bed. It's been a long day and your brain is still overworked with everything you did and everything you still need to do tomorrow. To avoid forgetting things, you shout at your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone, "Ok Google, set a reminder to read Android Police more diligently tomorrow at 10 AM," or you know, something more critical than that (HOW DARE YOU?!). Then you stop and think... it's technically "tomorrow" already, because we're past midnight, so when did Google actually set the reminder for? In 9 hours or in 33 hours?

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SŌLIS SO-2000 and Jensen JVA-500 bring the Google Assistant to your bedside clock

The Google Assistant seems to be in everything at CES 2018 and the latest trend right now, beside the new smart display form factor, is to put it in desk or bedside clocks. We already saw iHome's iGV1 that looks like a Google Home sawn in half with a hidden LED display, and now we have two new clock speakers to look at from SōLIS and Jensen.

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The LG ThinQ View WK9 is the company's new Google Assistant smart display

The new Google Assistant smart displays keep trickling in. Shortly after the announcement of Assistant coming to display-endowed speakers, we discovered the Lenovo Smart Display then we learned about the JBL Link View. Now we have the third device of its kind, the LG ThinQ WK9 (could also be called the ThinQ View).

Details are really sparse, even sparser than the JBL ones. We know it will look like this, it will have an 8" touch display and front-facing camera, and the audio is tuned by Meridian Audio.

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Sony adding Google Assistant support to headphones and earphones via software update

While Sony just announced a bunch of new headphones and speakers, some older Sony products are getting Google Assistant added via a forthcoming firmware update. As these headphones do not have independent Wi-Fi connections, Assistant availability depends on pairing the headphones with a phone.

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You will soon be able to control your Kia vehicle with Google Assistant

You can already control a few car brands with Google Assistant and Google Home (Hyundai and its Blue Link come to mind), and now Kia is joining the ranks. The car manufacturer announced at CES that the Assistant will be compatible with its UVO infotainment system, through UVO Agent, which will allow users to execute some remote functions on their vehicle by talking to Google Assistant.

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JBL Link View is the second Google Assistant smart display with 2 x 10W speakers

After months of speculations on Cody's part, the Assistant devices known under the "Quartz" codename were announced yesterday as smart displays and Lenovo unveiled the first one of the range. Google said that other companies were on board too, like LG and Sony, but another one is now also known: it's the JBL Link View.

JBL already has a few Google Assistant speakers in the Link portfolio, and the View is joining them with not only 2 x 10 W speakers and a passive radiator, but also an 8" touchscreen display that can show all the Assistant interactions like weather, calendar, cooking and recipes, as well as stream YouTube videos and make Duo video calls (there's a 5MP cam on the front).

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Google Assistant gets a proper web directory for all the possible integrations and services

One of our pet peeves at Android Police lately (mostly mine and Artem's) has been the lack of a proper Google Assistant directory on the web. Amazon simply has its Alexa skills searchable from its site, like you would for any product or app or book, but to see if Assistant supports a certain product you had to have a phone/tablet with Assistant enabled, browse to the slightly hidden Explore section which is accessible from the blue envelope thing on the top right of the Assistant screen, and just then you could either search or use the trending and new sections.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt will soon integrate with the Google Assistant

Just ahead of CES proper, Schlage has announced that its immensely popular Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt (say that five times fast) will soon work with Google Assistant. A few months back, it added support for Amazon's Alexa, right after adding an Android app for remote control. And now, sometime in Q1 of this year, you'll be able to 'Hey Google' your way into locking or unlocking your Schlage-equipped front door.

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Kohler wants you to talk to your toilet and mirror which is not at all weird

Kohler, a maker of kitchen and bath products, seems to believe that you should never have to touch their products if at all possible. They're coming to CES with a new voice and motion-control platform so that you can get Alexa in your bathroom mirror, operate your kitchen faucet with gestures, and talk to your toilet. Not kidding!

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Google Home and Assistant now work with more than 1500 smart home devices from 200+ brands

The list of supported smart home partners on Google Assistant and Home continues to grow and that growth even seems to be accelerating as time passes. Just last October, we reported on 65 direct partners being supported by Assistant and now if you go over to the Home Control section of your Google Home app or Assistant's settings, you can find that the number has jumped a little over 100. But that's not the entire story.

As we all know, smart home companies can integrate into Google Assistant/Home in one of two ways. One is directly through Home Control, which is easily recognizable by the fact that all the devices imported show up in a list, you can assign them to rooms, you can use regular voice commands to trigger them, and the same Assistant voice will answer you back.

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