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Google app kills the last remnants of Voice Search, completely switches to Assistant (Updated)

Google Voice Search is dead. Cue in somber music.

For many years before Google Assistant was a thing, Android had a microphone you could trigger to perform actions. It had actions such as calls, texts, emails, music back in 2010, more than 10 languages supported way back in 2012, introduced nicknames and relationships such as "mom" and "husband" in 2014, and had multilingual support also in 2014.

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Ikea TRÅDFRI smart lights can now be controlled from Google Home and Assistant

Ikea's Tradfri are one of the cheapest smart lighting solutions around and they're available and tailored for several countries around the world. For a while though, the only smart way to control them was through the Android and iOS app - no voice assistant was compatible. Then Alexa followed by HomeKit were supported and Google Home users were left waiting... and waiting... and waiting until today.

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Unit conversions are currently broken on Google Assistant [Update]

The Google Assistant can control smart home devices, set calendar reminders, and play almost any piece of music in the world. It's also good at unit conversions, and that happens to be something I use quite often. Not right now, though. Unit conversions are broken on Assistant across all devices.

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[Update: Try Premium+, just 99p for 3 months] Deezer is now available on Google Home devices in the UK

At I/O in May 2017, Google announced some new compatibility for playing music on Google Home which included the subscription service Deezer. Users in Germany and France have been able to link their Deezer accounts and request music via the Google Assistant since August last year, but until now the same functionality has been missing in the UK.

As of today, users with a Premium+ subscription (costing £9.99) can add Deezer to their list of music services accessible by their Google Home device. It can also be set as the default music app, so any general requests to the Assistant for songs, albums, and artists will automatically go through Deezer.

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Google Assistant is now available on the Pixel C

Almost ever since its release, the Pixel C has been the neglected child of the Google lineup. With every update to Android or new feature, Pixel C users often had to wait weeks if not months to see it come to their devices, not to mention the delay in fixing some outstanding bugs. But despite it all, some held onto their Pixel C because it's the last Android tablet Google has made and now they may be receiving a little reward for their patience: the Google Assistant is finally available for them.

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Tip: Use your Google Home to play white noise

Google Home users know that their smart speakers can help keep them entertained, or control their connected-home devices, but what about when you've had enough stimulation and just want to lie back, relax, and really zen the heck out? Well, with the right voice commands your Google Home can soon be helping you chill out to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, a gentle spring shower, or even some neutral white noise.

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You can finally control Nest Secure from Google Assistant

The Nest Secure launched last year with a few cool features including all-in-one Detect sensors and NFC tags to disarm. It lacked one seemingly obvious feature—Google Assistant support. Nest is finally rectifying that oversight with an over-the-air update. You can arm the Secure, check your security level, and (sometimes) disarm it by voice.

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Google Home gets support for Saavn and Gaana music streaming services in India

Google has just launched English support in India, but that's not all. It's also rolling out support for a few region-specific music services. Users of Saavn and Gaana can plug their accounts into Home and make them a default music streaming service. It only takes a few taps.

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[Update: Now on Android TV] Google Assistant now understands Indonesian

About a month ago, Google announced that 30 more languages would be coming to Google Assistant "over the next few months." The languages mentioned there included Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, among others. Of those, the only one that has arrived thus far is Hindi, but Indonesian is now taking second place.

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Google Home can now pair with Bluetooth speakers [Update]

The Google Home family of devices have built-in speakers of varying quality, but you might have some nicer Bluetooth speakers around the house. Now, you can have Google Home stream audio directly to these devices. After pairing your Home with the speaker, you can control playback and even adjust the volume.

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