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The Fairphone 2, which launched with Android 5 Lollipop, is now getting a 9 Pie beta

Fairphone is one of a few smartphone manufacturers that manage to build sustainable and repairable handsets. You don't need to head to a repair shop or peel through adhesive to replace individual components, let alone hunt down individual parts — everything is available on the company's website. But repairable hardware is only one part of the equation when it comes to long-lasting devices. As such, the manufacturer has announced that it has just released an Android 9 Pie Beta for the Fairphone 2.

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The five most repairable Android smartphones you can buy

A broken smartphone is a reality none of us really want to confront. Is it fixable? Where do I take it to get it repaired? What am I going to use in the meantime? Do I need a new phone? Can I afford any of this? The questions that a smashed handset inevitably raise aren't fun, and breaking a phone in the current situation around the world right now is almost unthinkable. We're relying on them more than ever, and the availability of repair services is at an all-time low as most shops and electronics stores globally remain shut.

All that said, for many of us, it's a fact of life that our phones are going to need repairs at some point.

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Fairphone and /e/ are teaming up to sell a Google-less Android phone

The Fairphone 3 is the perfect choice for somebody who values a repairable, environment-friendly phone, but just like most other handsets, it runs an Android version with Google apps out of the box — not ideal for someone who is additionally looking to take the Californian company out of the equation. That's where a new cooperation with /e/OS, the de-Googlefied Android version based on LineageOS and microG, comes in. The foundation behind it will start selling the Fairphone 3 equipped with its Android fork on May 6.

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LineageOS ROM releases first builds based on Android 10 (Update: Builds are back)

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM in existence, and the project prides itself on bringing newer versions of Android to unsupported devices. However, Lineage has been a bit slow to roll out a version based on Android 10 ⁠— the Pie-based ROM was already available by this time last year. Thankfully, the next major version of LineageOS seems to be just around the corner.

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Fairphone 3 review: A surprisingly great repairable phone with one fatal flaw

The creators behind the Fairphone tout a special mission that contrasts sharply with the rest of the industry: They want to create repairable, long-lasting devices sourced from the fairest possible resources. Of course, this means compromises you won't see in other modern phones. The advantage of the removable back and the replaceable parts makes the Fairphone 3 bigger, less efficient, and more "old-fashioned" than other phones. Plus, some performance sacrifices had to be made to keep the price reasonable.

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