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Earin M–2 review: Great sounding low-latency earbuds, but not without a few compromises

Swedish company Earin was one of the frontrunners in developing true wireless earbuds, releasing the M–1 back in 2015. That first generation product had its fair share of issues, ranging from unreliable Bluetooth connectivity to unsatisfactory battery life. The startup that was recently acquired by brand is now back with a follow-up it hopes will rectify some of those complaints.

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Earin M–2 true wireless earbuds with Google Assistant now on sale for $249

As some of you may remember, Earin was first to market with a pair of bluetooth earbuds that didn't need a wire connecting them. The Earin M–1 was released following a successful Kickstarter campaign but didn't quite live up to the lofty ambitions. That was a first generation product, however. The Swedish company — that was acquired by's at the start of the year — is back to give it another go.

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