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[Update: Instructions] BLU issues software fix for faulty Life One X2 update that left owners with unusable phones

Around a week ago, BLU issued a broken software update for its Life One X2 phone. In at least some cases, users who applied the update were locked out of their phones. Late this afternoon, BLU's official Twitter account—which, much to the chagrin of affected users, was silent on the subject for almost a week—issued a statement that the problem had been fixed via a new update. 

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Faulty BLU Life One X2 software update locks users out of phones

As infrequently as budget phones are updated, owners of low-cost phones should be glad their phone is continuing to receive support. However, a software update released on November 28th for the BLU Life One X2 has users less than thrilled. On first boot, the phone displays a new password screen—unfortunately, nobody has the password. Without a way to unlock the phone, users are resorting to factory resetting the phones with mixed results.

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BLU's $180 Life One X2 Mini sports a 5-inch 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and Marshmallow (???)

BLU has a history of producing affordable phones with decent-enough specs. Some may have had software issues in the past (including a spyware incident), but they're solid phones for the money. Following that trend is the Life One X2 Mini, which offers some pretty impressive hardware for the low price of $180.

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[Deal Alert] The 16GB BLU Life One X2 is $120 from Amazon's Gold Box Deals ($30 off)

If you need a cheap backup or replacement phone (the former is always my go-to excuse to justify buying phones), then Amazon has you covered in one of its offerings in the Gold Box Deals for today. The 16GB/2GB BLU Life One X2 is currently going for $119.99, which is a respectable savings of $30. 

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Blu announces the Life One X2, starting at $134.99

Blu has a history of making phones with excellent specs for extremely low prices. We recently reviewed the Blu Pure XR, and while the specs on that device were good for a $299 phone, the software experience left a lot to be desired. Blu has just revealed their newest device, the Life One X2, and it is very impressive at the price point.

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