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BLU launches Android 9 Pie beta program for the Vivo XI+

My, my, color me surprised. Looks like Blu, the notorious "manufacturer" of budget Android phones in the U.S., is keeping to its word. Back in August, the company claimed that it was rethinking its product strategy — you know, the one where it spams the market with a lot of devices — and would be focusing on quality and software support going forward. This new philosophy would start with its latest flagship, the Vivo XI+.

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[Deal Alert] The Blu Vivo XI is down to just $170 ($50 off) at Best Buy

In August, budget phone maker Blu admitted that its tendency to release tons of devices wasn't the best thing. It committed to releasing fewer but better devices, and announced its new flagship, the Vivo XI+, for $299.99. Somewhat contrary to the company's new less-is-more outlook, they also released a lower-tier version, the (non-plus) XI. That phone is now $50 off its already low normal price of $219.99 at Best Buy, going for just $169.99.

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BLU promises to stop pumping out shitty phones five times a year, announces the Vivo XI+

There is perhaps no better analogy to describe BLU phones than, "You get what you pay for." While the company's phones are often great values on paper, updates are non-existent and security problems are not unheard of. BLU is now trying to change that, starting with the launch of its new Vivo XI+ flagship.

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Blu announces the $50 X Link smartwatch with 2G wireless connectivity

Blu is known for selling inexpensive phones that punch above their weight, but the company's new smartwatch seems like a very odd product. The X Link has a 1.1-inch round display, no apps, and 2G wireless connectivity. So, why would you want that? Well, it's only $50.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Blu phones from Daily Steals for as little as $25 with our exclusive code

Blu might not be the most famed of Android OEMs, but it does make some serviceable budget devices. If you're looking for a dirt cheap phone — maybe as a second burner handset for taking to festivals or something like that — Daily Steals has got some Blu models for as little as $35 right now. With our $10 coupon code that price can come down to just $25.

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Blu comes to settlement with FTC over misleading privacy claims

Blu has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it afforded Adups, a Chinese device management firm, inordinate access to personally identifiable user information. The FTC's complaint said that Blu misled its customers when the company claimed it had taken appropriate measures to protect user privacy.

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Blu announces Vivo XL3 and XL3 Plus, but you shouldn't buy them

Blu is best known for its large variety of budget Android phones - some good, some not so good. Today the company announced two new devices - the Vivo XL3 and Vivo XL3 Plus. But unlike most of Blu's lineup, they aren't a good value at all, unless you buy one of them on sale.

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BLU announces the VIVO X with a MediaTek P25, quad cameras, and 18:9 display for $299

Unsurprisingly, Blu has announced another new phone. The company's latest flagship, the Vivo X ticks almost all of the buzzwords when it comes to smartphones: octa-core CPU, quad cameras, an 18:9 display, and an attractive price point.

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BLU Life One X3 now available with 5,000mAh battery for $149.99 ($100 off for a limited time)

BLU makes a lot of phones—it can actually be hard to keep them all straight. The latest device to join the collection is the BLU Life One X3. To set this one apart, BLU has equipped the Life X3 with a gigantic 5,000mAh battery. The phone has some other interesting qualities, but that battery is probably something else.

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[Update: Instructions] BLU issues software fix for faulty Life One X2 update that left owners with unusable phones

Around a week ago, BLU issued a broken software update for its Life One X2 phone. In at least some cases, users who applied the update were locked out of their phones. Late this afternoon, BLU's official Twitter account—which, much to the chagrin of affected users, was silent on the subject for almost a week—issued a statement that the problem had been fixed via a new update. 

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