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Barnes & Noble getting a new owner, as retail book market bravely soldiers on

Barnes & Noble, being the largest bookstore chain in the United States, has had lasting power in an industry where its competitors have fallen to tech giants, namely Amazon. In the past decade, the company has been able to keep afloat by doubling down on supplying education clients and investing in its Nook and SparkNotes product lines, but it has straddled the line between profit and loss for the past decade. Today, multinational asset management firm Elliott has announced its intent to acquire the Barnes & Noble for approximately $683 million and has plans to invest.

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Barnes & Noble announces $50 Nook 7-inch tablet, an Amazon Fire 7 alternative with the Play Store

Barnes & Noble's 10.1-inch Nook may be a hard sell at $129.99 for what is ultimately just a mediocre white label Android tablet, but the bookseller has just announced a $49.99 7-inch Nook tablet that might convince more buyers this holiday season.

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Not 2011: Barnes & Noble just announced a $129 Nook tablet that runs Android

Yes, Barnes & Noble is still selling Nook devices. It can be easy to forget since you hear about the Nook so rarely, but the company is rolling out a new one just in time for the holiday season. Unlike past Nook tablets, this one isn't a re-branded Samsung tablet—it's just the Nook Tablet 10.1.

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[Update: faulty chargers] Barnes & Noble is apparently pulling its latest Nook Tablet from store shelves

Before November of last year, we had thought that Barnes & Noble's Nook line - one of the first real Android tablets when it launched back in 2010 - was more or less dead. The bookstore had been selling Nook-branded Samsung tablets as ostensible loss-leaders for its digital bookstore, but the $50 Nook Tablet 7" was the first truly unique device under the brand in years. Now, according to an unverified Reddit post, it looks like there might be something seriously wrong with that new reader-tablet.

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Barnes & Noble announces Nook Tablet 7", will be available Nov 25 for $49.99

Barnes & Noble has had limited success with their tablet lineup over the years. Although the company's e-ink readers have always been very good, its LCD tablets have had less luck. In 2014, B&N completely gave up making its own tablets (besides the e-readers), instead choosing to sell various Galaxy Tab models with Nook software pre-installed. Now the company has a surprise for Black Friday shoppers - a $49.99 Nook tablet.

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Barnes & Noble To Shut Down Its Nook App And Video Stores, But Will Continue Selling eBooks In The US

Well you can't say they didn't give it a good try. After years of attempting to break into the lucrative tablet market with its own semi-exclusive platform, US bookseller Barnes & Noble plans to halt digital sales on its app and video stores. Diginomica reports that the company will stop sales on March 15th (Tuesday), and that customers who've bought content from either location have until then to download their apps and videos one last time. Connecting Nook Video content to accounts for either Disney Movies Anywhere or CinemaNow will allow customers to retain streaming and download rights on other platforms.

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Still Rocking A Nook Tablet? You Can Now Jazz It Up With A CyanogenMod 13 Nightly

Some hardware refuses to die. More than 4 years after Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook Tablet and 2.5 years after it closed its Nook manufacturing business, the tablet is still alive and kicking. At least in the hands of the CyanogenMod maintainers.

The team, which has recently revived similarly forgotten hardware such as the Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, and Nexus 10, is back at it with the Nook Tablet. The first CM 13 nightly, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is already available for download. Like other CM13 ROMs, it weighs about 250MB and you'll need to grab a corresponding GApps package to get all of your Google services and apps running.

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Barnes & Noble And Samsung Introduce A $250 9.6" Nook Based On The Galaxy Tab E

The last tablet Barnes & Noble and Samsung collaborated on was somewhat of a premium product. The Galaxy Tab S2 Nook provided a 2048x1536 resolution on an 8-inch Super AMOLED display, which is plenty sharp for something you're presumably buying to consume books and magazines on.

The latest Nook device, the Galaxy Tab E Nook, does not provide that kind of experience.

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Barnes & Noble Brings Back The Nook As A Branded Version Of Samsung's 8-Inch Galaxy Tab S2

Ah, the Nook Color. I have fond memories of Barnes & Noble's don't-call-it-a-tablet tablet, if only because that early hardware was a gateway drug to custom ROMs and root modifications. The Nook brand eventually crashed and burned against the twin onslaughts of cheap Android tablets and Amazon's unstoppable Kindle e-readers, but there are still at least a few B&N product managers who want to keep the hardware kicking, as evidenced by "Nook" versions of Samsung tablets. The latest to get the treatment is the new Galaxy Tab S2.


Specifically the 8-inch version of the Tab S2, because that makes the most sense as a "reader" device.

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TWRP Now Available For The Asus ZenFone 2, LG Optimus G Pro, B&N Nook HD, and Nook HD+